Black Magic Love Potion Part 1

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Author’s Note : After hearing this story from my friend, being beautiful isn’t really a good news after all

My sister was what most people considered a real beauty. Her beauty always did attract many suitors but she remained loyal to her boyfriend whom she dated for many years. However, her beauty seemed to take a wrong turning a few years ago after she started work. It first began, pimples started appearing on her face. All seemed normal as many people even in their early 20s would have pimples, right? Wrong! At least not for her.

After a while, her face started to contort. We were all in a shock when half of my sister’s face looked like she had a mild stroke. We were all so worried, we immediately brought her to the hospital to get everything checked up. At that time, my sister’s face has changed so much it became unrecognizable. Her beauty had disappeared over the span of a few weeks. She could not move the muscles on half of her face and when she was sleeping, the eyes on the other half of her unmovable face remains open. In short, we were all scared. The doctors ruled her out as having a mild stroke so she was admitted to the hospital for a week. During that week, she were given medications for patients that suffered stroke.

After a week, my sister was discharged but was still unwell. Her face still did not seemed to get any better and we were all worried. My parents were at lost and started to find alternative options like traditional Chinese medications to help my sister.

My sister, at that time, happened to work in a company which were mainly ran by an extended family. Her boss was really concerned of my sister’s welfare and even brought along his wife and son to visit her at the hospital. Seeing that she was still unfit for work, he got his aunt, A, to visit her at our house. During one of these visits, A shared with my parents that perhaps they should try looking for a traditional healer a.k.a shaman instead. At loss, my parents agreed and set a date to visit the A’s recommended shaman.

Upon reaching the shaman’s temple, my sister and us were told that she had been disturbed by ghosts. He then prepared a few drinks, mumbled a few incantations, did some rituals then gave my family some talisman to be burnt at home to rid off the ghost. He specifically noted that the ghost was in my sister’s bedroom and told us to burn the talisman at my sister’s bedroom. We were all desperate for a cure so we did exactly what the shaman had told.

After a few days passed, my sister still did not get well even after visits to the shaman. My friendly neighbor who had heard of the unfortunate incident that happened to my sister, somehow, recommended to my parents that perhaps she should visit a Chinese traditional master who specialized in what was known as “nerve pulling” (sorry for my direct translation from Cantonese to English). Weeks has passed into months, my parents were ready to try whatever solution that was posted to them so they immediately brought my sister to see the Chinese traditional doctor.

The doctor took some sort of instrument and pressed along my sister’s back and hands and after a few visits, we saw improvement in my sister’s face. Delighted, we continued the visits but as her face improved, she was suffering from breathlessness. One day during one of the visits, the doctor asked my sister and my parents if they had trusted him. Surprised, they answered yes. It was then that the doctor revealed that my sister had been cursed by black magic and a powerful one too. It was getting very serious and if not treated, she would be dying soon. We were all shocked to hear the news and accepted it as the doctor could treat my sister with signs of improvement. It was only then that we found out that this doctor was also a shaman. The doctor read some incantations and directly asked my sister who and why was she chosen as the cursed one. Before my very eyes, I heard a man’s voice coming out from my sister’s mouth telling us the reason for this misfortune.

All these time, my family stuck together and accompanied my sister to each of the doctor visits. But after the revelation, we were all banned from going to the doctor as the doctor was about to conduct some serious rituals. My parents were afraid that the black magic may hit us so we were to stay at home. Another reason why we believed in the doctor was because he could draw out the face of the person that had caused my sister her beauty. The doctor told my sister that the curse was really powerful and that if she really wanted to be cured, she needs to withstand the 7 days of suffering. Once the ritual starts, there was no giving up as my sister and the doctor himself would die as well.

During the 7 days, my sister’s condition worsened. She was having suffering so much that on the 5th day, my sister cried and begged us to let her give up. We continued giving her words of encouragement and told her all would be over soon. My sister could not sleep, could not eat and at times suffered from breathlessness. We were all pained to see her suffering but it was necessary for her.

To be continued…. (Curious to know what was revealed? Who was the culprit? Read more about it soon…)


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  1. Dr. X Says:

    Wow.. This story is getting more and more excited! I’m camping here; can’t wait for the 2nd Part!

  2. navinesh Says:

    thx for sharing. .

  3. DaViDcHaN Says:

    Pls continue…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wheres part 2?

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    oh my goodness, could it be the bf? or someone from the company she just joined?

  6. Jason Says:

    Why stop the story half way? We are already tolerating the lack of stories on this site, now we still have to bear with this so-called suspense.

  7. Angry Reader Says:

    Bloody hell, how long more we have to wait. Mind as well just shut this site down. Never bother to update it, I’ve been checking this site every single day and its the same boring stories.

  8. Ivan looi Says:

    wao, a strong cursed. I want to learnt some black magic. Haha^^ good story. Like! Like!

  9. Daniel Says:

    Where is the second part of the story please?

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