The Final Call

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This story is contributed by Primila

Hi. I know some of you who may have your own opinions about what I’m about to tell you but what happened to me was as true as daylight. Till this day, it still sends shivers down my spine thinking if something like that is really possible. I’m not a ghost hunter or any type of hunter at all. Just a regular career woman making a living like everyone else. My past isn’t exactly perfect, people do stupid things in their teens. I was only 14 when I fell in love with a boy much older to me, he was 19. Having a boyfriend at that age with a motorbike who fetches you from school can make you popular at school for some reason. We were dating for a few months and he used to pick me up and send me home or meet me later about 4 or 5 in the afternoon after his work. At that time, there are no mobile phones. Only pagers and home phones. So at night, he would call my home phone very late around 1 am and we would talk softly to each other so that my mother doesn’t wake up and turn into a shouting demon because I’m on the phone so late.

After 4-5 months of dating, one afternoon he told me that he will pick me up as usual from my home after work. So when he didn’t turn up, I paged him. Usually he gets the message and calls me back from any pay phone nearby. This time he did not return my call. I was getting restless and waited till around 8 pm. Still no call from him. I was furious and decided to change because I wasn’t going to go out with him so late even if he showed up. Just then, the phone rang. I picked it up and a voice said “Hello”. I started yelling on the phone scolding him for not returning my call. After I was finished with my temper tantrum, the person on the other end asked me who I was. What kind of question is that?! I continued to scold him. Then when I finally kept quiet, the person apologised to me and told me that he was my boyfriend’s brother. He told me that my boyfriend was speeding on his motorbike after work and he had met into an accident with a trailer. The trailer had stopped at a traffic light but my boyfriend didn’t stop, he rode right into the trailer and when his bike hit the trailer so hard, it ended crushed under the trailer along with him. He was rushed to the hospital. My boyfriends brother found his pager with my number and message. He called me to tell me that my boyfriend will not be coming. He did not survive.

I stared into space for I don’t know how long. Tears just started pouring down and I couldn’t find any words to say to his brother. I finally said that I’m sorry, his brother didn’t say anything and just hung up. I sat in my room thinking if what had happen was real. I was in a total shock and just kept crying into my pillow until I fell asleep. It was around 1 am, the phone rang. I woke up in my groggy state and rushed to pick up the phone before my mother wakes up. I whispered “Hello”. There was no answer. I said “Hello” again a bit louder this time. For a bout 2 seconds there was no sound, I was about to hang up when I heard a distant, but so crisp and clear familiar whisper “Hello”. I was speechless. I pressed the receiver so close to my ears that it hurt and I kept saying “hello?”, “hello?!” hoping to hear his voice again. Just one more time. Please. There was no sound. Nothing. I finally hung up. In the darkness, I began to cry.

Till today, I don’t know what happened that night and if it really did happen or if it is possible for the dead to make that final call. I did not go to his funeral. His parents will not approve of me, being a 14 year old claiming to be their 19 year old dead son’s girlfriend.

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3 Responses to “The Final Call”

  1. Reality Junkie Says:

    As soon as I read the last word written on this post, tears started pouring down by just me thinking how someone would feel of losing someone they really love. Even though this story is supposed to be a spooky one but I still feel that love has conquered the haunting-ness in it.

  2. Jayz Says:

    Maybe he wanted you to be at his funeral. On the other side, you must be happy that you were not with him when the accident happened.

  3. CF Says:

    so sad..

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