Ghost or Shadow

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Author’s Note : The names of the people have been changed to protect their privacy. However, the layout of the office & the details of this story remains unchanged and true.
Before I go deep into the story, you’ll first have to know how is the layout of this office. The below is a rough sketch of how the office looks like

Office Layout

It was late, about 11pm when Mei & Aminah were still working. Aminah was rushing for some reports her boss wanted early in the morning whereas Mei was working on another report that her boss wanted for tomorrow’s meeting. Because the meeting would be held in the meeting room, Mei rushed about up and down between her cubicle to the meeting room.

Because the cubicles in Mei & Aminah’s office were designed in such a way that even while you are sitting in your cubicle, you could see people passing by if you stretch your neck higher. Throughout the whole night, Aminah could see Mei walking up and down the office to prepare the documents in the meeting room. After some while, Aminah decided that it was late and looked for Mei to call it the night off. Aminah recalled the last time she saw Mei rushing to the meeting room and thought of looking for her there. Moreover, the lights at the meeting room indicated that Mei had to be there.

Aminah walked into the meeting room and saw no one. Surprised, she thought perhaps Mei was in the pantry and looked in there too. Surprised once again, she decided that Mei could be at the ladies toilet. Feeling a little need to release herself as well, she walked into the ladies calling Mei. To her surprise, she could not see anyone. While at the ladies, Aminah thought of how could Mei possibly walked back to her cubicle without her noticing. Perhaps she was too immersed with her work? So she thought no more of it.

When Aminah saw Mei working at her own cubicle, she asked Mei how did she manage to walk back to her cubicle without her noticing. Puzzled, Mei looked at Aminah and said the last time she walked to the meeting room was about 9pm, after that, she was sitting at her own cubicle til now. Aminah argued that it was impossible since the last time she saw Mei walking pass her cubicle was around 10.30pm.

It took a moment for them to realize something was not right because Aminah was very sure she saw Mei or perhaps someone that looked exactly like Mei walking towards the meeting room. Immediately, Aminah and Mei both packed up and left the office without thinking twice

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10 Responses to “Ghost or Shadow”

  1. alex Says:

    bad story telling…

  2. same same Says:

    that layout looks so much like my office. if it’s really my office, then the meeting room might be haunted, becoz story has it that someone died in the meeting room due to heart attack. but i’m not sure whether it’s true or not.

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    alex, thank you for the comment. will look into it.

    same same, i think its a different office because apparently, this office is rumoured to be haunted by a family

  4. same same Says:

    But..but….how come 2 different office can look so similar. Until the placement of the cubicles also the same. In people there are twins. Office also got twins one ah??

  5. ic3 Que3n Says:

    same same, ermmmmmmm…… i dunno wor!

  6. Kenny Ng Says:

    This happen in my friend’s office b4 too.

    About my office, the ‘thing’ also can change to someone face. Few of my colleagues saw b4… it turns to someone face and they thought is the person, but… the real person was not around!

  7. Ong Says:

    Aiyah, this happen to me before lah. A few years back, I was working until about 9:00pm. i felt someone walk pass behind me to our mini library.
    I thought it was uncle C, so I ask….wah so late still want to come back to work ah ? Well, no answer for him…I thought he was angry because boss ask him to work late. But after 30 min still no one come out from mini library, so I go in to check loh. To my suprise, no one is in the library.

    I guess, when we are tired, stressed and but concentrate, our mind will
    create image to keep us accompany. By the way , uncle C is retired and fine.

  8. Ong Says:

    Any comment ?

  9. ic3 Que3n Says:

    kenny, wa! At least this friend of mine could really see the face direct la. only thru the side but she assume was the other friend because that thing was pony tailed and moreover, there was only the 2 of them in the office so she thought it had to be her!

    Ong, ya that was what everyone of us told my friend but she was convinced it was true. Moreover, I was working in that office too, once upon a time. I couldn’t see stuff la, thank god. But I could HEAR them! I’ll tell another more freaking story that happened to my another friend in the same office another time.

  10. Madmosielle Unknown Says:

    Haha..same thing happened to my aunt. She came home from work and saw my mother sitting down in the living room, so she said ” Hi, Kak Xxx!’
    and they got into a conversation, and after a few minutes, my auntie heard someone coming down the stairs,so she looked up and saw MY MOTHER coming down. She looked back at the other my mother and SHE HAD DISAPPEARED. The end!

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