Evil in the office

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Author’s Note : Something unexpected happened at my friend’s office recently. Although, she was not there to witness the whole incident but the drama was the only thing her colleagues were talking about when she reported to work the following day. Here’s the story that she managed to compile from all sorts of sources.

It was just after lunch when our office assistant started going berserk. Most were not back from lunch yet as my office has quite a flexible lunch hour and at that time, those that were in the office had already gone back to their respective places. My colleague, Anna, first heard screams when she was passing by the reception area. Surprised, she went to investigate if there were any problems. Anna was shocked when she saw the assistant throwing things and acting out of control as if she was throwing a big tantrum. Immediately sensing something was wrong, Anna called on some of the guy colleagues to help out. At that moment, there were already many people gathering, curious of what was happening. Some guys took her hands and tried to hold her down but she just keep on struggling and pushing and tossing that even the bigger guys could not hold her down.

Many people didn’t know what to do nor had any idea what was happening but after some time, it had dawned to some people that perhaps she was possessed. The assistant screamed so loud that the exit door nearby started to tremble under her scream. Some of my colleagues saw that and thought that devil was there because this exit door was long deem unusable and was barricaded with potted plants to avoid anyone from using it. It was impossible that people from the other side of the exit tried to come in by using that door. The assistant even started talking in words that none could understand and in a voice of a man.

At that point of time, some had already gone back to their places, afraid that it would influence them. Some immediately checked to call a holy man to try exorcise the assistant. After some hours passed, the assistant calmed down, but she was still breathing hard with a stare of anger at each and everyone that was in the room at that time. One of my colleagues, Jane, suggested calling her husband and family and as soon as Jane mentioned the word “husband”, the assistant started going all crazy again. This time, she started hitting Jane. Jane was stunned and immediately tried running away and in the process, tripped. But everything happened in the matter of seconds and the assistant was already on top of Jane hitting her hard. Some tried to hold back Jane while Nancy assisted Jane to get up and immediately ran away after Jane got a hold of herself.

After all the trashing and beating, the family of the assistant arrived but the weird part was as soon as she saw her husband, the assistant calmed back down, acting in a very mild manner. There was no more crazy behavior coming from her and everyone was pretty surprised at that moment. It seemed as though she was afraid of her husband. After they brought her back, her family admitted that this was not her first case of what they call it as “hysteria”. Apparently it all started a few weeks back and although they were unsure what exactly had happened but it seemed every time her husband approached her, she would calm down or shy away.

Footnote : Until today, no one actually knew what had happened to her as she did not report to work after this incident. Some say she just had a case of “wanting attention”, some said she just it was a sign of post pregnancy syndrome and some said she was jinxed with black magic. However, no one knew the truth of what had happened on that fateful day

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8 Responses to “Evil in the office”

  1. raihana Says:

    i think its a black magic thingla.. done by her husband..
    coz it sounds so weird jek..

  2. try2help Says:

    black magic things would avoid religion’s holy thing,as i called them, like the cross, the holy water, the al quran, or some buddhist charm books and etc….. by all means, if some one is brave enough, just show the hysterical one one of the holy things…. if she or he try to avoid then it might just the black magic or the person is under possession of something…. just dun pissed the black magician off… if u noe wat i mean….

  3. pisang Says:

    I have a same idea with raihana

  4. hi Says:

    i knew this one. just like my cousin, when so he have this thing, priest called it …it’s a thing that maybe someone is putting a voodoo on someone…

  5. Hj Samad Bin Hj Abd Majid Says:

    I am not a bomoh nor a religious scholar. Just someone with so much first hand experience. I am a school principal who rose up the ranks after working in so many schools in my 25 year career in education. Let me give my 2 cents worth.

    Spirits do exist. They seek people with weak or troubled minds. Thus even if some one tries to cast spells on you, it will not affect you if you have a strong will, clear mind and is fearless. Wearing religious symbols will not keep out these entities from attempting to posses the weak ones.

    The symbols are just that. symbols. What works is this – if you visit a bomoh, he puts a stronger spirit in you to protect you from the weaker wild spirits. If you have religious blessings, you will enjoy divive protection. There is no two ways about it.

    Thus, you can protect youself if you pray regularly, do not engage in activities that leave a guilty feeling in your mind.
    If you have a clear conscious and a clear mind, half your battle is won.

    Try it. I have been subscribing to these ideals for the last 25 years.

  6. Lynn Goh Says:

    Dear Hj Samad

    Thank you. I am on your side. Symbol is just a symbol after all.

  7. Rina Says:

    Good advice Hj. Samad! 😀

  8. zerobyte Says:

    Salam, Tuan Hj. Samad,

    Thank you for a very good & revealing insights. Especially the troubled minds part a.k.a guilts a.ka ‘sins’.
    I also believe the woman was in post natal trauma/stress or meroyan in malay – another weak state of body, mind & spirit.

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