Another Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju

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Author’s Note : This incident happened to my friend who was staying in Wangsa Maju some 10 years ago.

Back when I was a student at TAR College, I stayed in one of  Wangsa Maju’s apartments. Although nothing particularly significant happened to me during the times I stayed there, but I remembered one weird incident that until today I could not explain what it was. You see, the apartment block I stayed was designed in such a way that it resembled the letter C. Meanwhile, the room I was occupying at that time was located just next to the corridors. The layout of the room that I slept on was a square room with windows that if you peeked outside the windows, you could see people walking up and down the corridors. My bed would be on the other side of the bedroom, opposite of the windows.

That particular night, when I retired to bed, I could remember clearly that I could not sleep. Although I couldn’t recall what time or why I slept late (as it was already some 10 years ago), I remember my restlessness was due to the sounds coming from the corridor. It was probably about 3 or 4am and although it was not unusual for me to hear footsteps as the apartment block house mostly students, I was irritated that the footsteps did not die down. In fact, the sound of the footsteps kept going on and on for sometime. At one point, I was suddenly afraid because the footsteps kept walking back and forth. The sound was so clear because of the late quiet night and it seemed as if the sound vibrated from just outside my windows. Although my windows had curtains decorated but the curtain cloth was so thin that it barely shield any lights that functions to illuminate the corridor. If anyone would have passed by, I would have seen some shadows or even silhouette of the person. But there was none that night. In fact, I was so afraid that I only manage to steal glimpses of the window. I dared not look for fear of finding the truth about my worse fears. But the footsteps kept going on, walking up and down the corridor. I can’t remember how long the sound of the footsteps went but it was just enough to keep me awake the whole night. Then, it stopped.

I was relieved to find the sound of the footsteps were no longer a nuisance or a reason to let my imaginations to run wild. After the sound has subsided, I tried concentrating on sleeping again and kept telling myself that perhaps there was really someone just walking back and forth the corridor. After some time, probably about half an hour later, my worst fears came back when I heard the sounds coming from the corridor. This time, instead of footsteps, I heard sounds of chains. Hairs on the back of my neck rose as I could hear clear as day sounds of chains dragging along the corridors. It was as if someone or something had the ball of chains tied around his feet and he was walking slowly. The sound of the dragging chains continued for sometime before as sudden as it came, it left.

Until today, I can’t explain what was the sound or was it really human. If it was human, why would someone pace back and forth the corridor the whole night? Why did that person dragged chains along the corridor? If it really was just a prank to scare people, why didn’t I see any silhouette of the prankster passing by my windows?

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12 Responses to “Another Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju”

  1. David Chan Says:

    I hope you’re Chinese, coz this experience reminded me of a story my mum once told me. The sounds of chains would indicate the appearance of the, Guards of Hell, believed by the Chinese, known as “Bull Head” and “Horse Face”. They are the Chinese version of the death reapers, coming to collect your soul upon death.

    Either that or some Alongs coming to lock up the apartment of defaulters… hahaha..

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    That is scary about the Bull Head and Horse Face, I believe my friend’s friend happened to capture some school picture and there were some Horse Face behind it. when you mentioned this , david, automatically i remember this.

  3. pisang Says:

    are you sure?
    I think this author is scrooge……
    modern day SCROOGE…….

  4. pisang Says:

    Lynn Goh
    did your friend still have that picture?
    if have,,,,
    can you share in here…
    if the ADMIN approve it?

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    My school mate who told me this was when we were in Form 3, now we are at mid 30’s, dear pisang.
    I have definitely lost touch with that friend.

  6. Leia Says:

    David,what you very scary!

  7. icequeen Says:

    pisang, why modern day scrooge leh?

  8. oddoneout Says:

    Sri Pelangi?

  9. try2help Says:

    if it is really bull head and horse face, just avoid and ignore them.. their are doing their bussiness from Hell… not going to harm anyone… but there is a way that could avoid them from reaching u or u getting direct sight of them… stick the Gods of Door at ur door… this will, anyway, avoid them from coming into ur house or ur room… believe me, some ocassion had prove that i am right at this point.

  10. funkfuzio Says:

    is this apartment in section 2 wangsa maju?

  11. john Says:

    it that Sri Pelangi? cos i will be move in next month.

  12. felicious Says:

    I think it should be Menara Alpha, since it’s famous for haunted apartment.

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