Calls from Home

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I’m sure everyone’s received calls from your own home or loved ones on your mobile phone. But have you ever experienced picking up a call that could have spooked you out? How, you may ask. What if the called ID on your mobile is showing your house number and when you pick it up, no one is on the other line? Doubtful? Not really when a friend of mine related to me an incident that happened to her not long ago.

You see, it was a holiday season so her family decided to go for a trip overseas. My friend, however, was stuck at home because she could not take any paid leave from her company. For the whole week, her phone kept ringing at the exact time, 3pm. Her mobile phone would show that the caller was calling from her home. The first time when it happened, she thought that her phone must be wrong and picked it up. There was no one talking on the other end and she could only hear crackling and static sound. Puzzled, she thought her phone was going crazy. However, the same thing did not happen when she picked up other calls. I asked if it could have been a prank call from someone but she was convinced that no one has keys to her house (including her relatives) except her.

How could anyone be calling from her home? When the second day her mobile phone showed the same number at the exact time, she plucked up her courage and picked up the call. Again, crackling and static sounds coming from the other end. This kept going on throughout the whole week when her family was away. Til today, she could not get a convincing explanation as to what happened that week. Perhaps only the doubtful ones would have adviced her to change her phone.

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6 Responses to “Calls from Home”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    That’s really weird… is the house phone got any setting or security system? Maybe because of the system and made it call everyday at the same time. I not sure, I can’t really give the answer.

  2. mathy Says:

    i dont know whether this is true or not. But my neighbour once asked me to check her house after she received a call from her house phone number while she out with her entire family. I did went to see the house. The house is locked no one inside or outside. I also heard this kinda of story in radio ( haunting programme) which happens to man after his best freind died in car accident. After 5 years of the death, he received the call from the house. First he said, he thought the wife is calling. He answered the phone. No one on the line.

    After few month, he got the news that the wife of the man is not in the town since her husband’s death. The house just left like that. However, she keep paying her utilities bills for the house. (maybe she love the house).

    Happens to meet the wife after few weeks and the wife did confirm that she didnt make any call and never been to the house since his husband’s death….for me its creepy.

  3. ice_queen Says:

    kenny, her home’s not exactly high tech so I don’t think there’s a system cause if there is she wun be so freaked out!

    mathy, that’s spooky! Could it be his dead friend looking for him?

  4. watermelon Says:

    i think maybe someone wans you to help them…

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    statics hey? some spirits activities were going on.

  6. Lance Says:

    lolx… welll
    mayb the spirits try to communicate with u?
    wanna b fren with u? huh… who knows….
    jz don b afraid of those things…. 🙂
    jacqueline n ice_queen.. u 2 willing or hav other fren willing to go for ghost hunt with me?
    im a ghost seekers 🙂 my msn

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