Black Magic Woman

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This is a story told to me by a friend of mine that witness what black magic is all about. She never saw the woman that casts the black magic on her relative but this is what she has to say.

I was very young when I learn that black magic is not a myth or supersition or anything of that sort. It was something very real that shook the very nerve of my spines. You see, it happened to my aunt S so it was very clear to me although I was still in primary school.

Aunt S lives just a few doors away. She started being all weird and everything from I don’t know since when. I couldn’t really remember but what I could remember clearly was the impression that my neighbours thought of her as a crazy woman. I could remember one incident at night when we were all sitting in the living room when she knocked on our door. She was pretty hysterical and was carrying a bottle of talcum powder on her hand. She cried to my parents that there was something wrong with the talcum, that the talcum was making her hands itch when she puts it on. Not believing, my parents rubbed some on their hands but nothing happened. She scream and started acting out of her mind when my dad tried to rub some on her hands to show that there was nothing. The next thing I knew, she was scratching her hands so furiously that the skin started to turn red and peel away. I never really knew what happened next because I was shooed into the room by my mum.

On another incident, we were having a family dinner with my aunt when she related that she could see and feel cockroach crawling over her shoulder. However, when she tried to sweep the cockroach away, there was not a bug to touch. She was really scared as cockroaches was something she was particularly afraid of. I could also remember she would always come over to my house to get supplies of water. It seemed, I overheard, that she suspected my Uncle S, her husband, was trying to poison her. An average human would have thought of her to be insane but family members knew better.

Came a day, my parents and other relatives decided to consult a medium on her case. If she was disturbed by a ghost or been curse by black magic. To my family’s surprise, we were told that someone was behind her curse. Apparently, a woman was struck by my Uncle S’s wealth and features (for he was one handsome chap) and was determined to get his heart. However, because he remained faithful, she somehow manage to put a black magic curse on him. The very same day, my parents and relatives related the incident to my uncle who just laughed and brushed the matter aside. They convinced him to visit the medium just to prove them wrong but he refused.

After some discussion, my parents and relatives cooked up a story and convince him to “visit” a doctor. At the “doctor’s” place, the medium managed to draw a very long needle (almost 6 inches long) from the back of his neck. After that, everything seemed to be back to normal.

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6 Responses to “Black Magic Woman”

  1. LadyHelen Says:

    Wow… that is interesting… Its possible that woman are good in magick.

    Woman have strong Yin Energy and Man have Yang Energy.

    Woman good in Magic and Spells. And Man good in Moral Strength.

    In most myth, most of the woman used magic to protect man and children.

  2. jatt Says:

    my relatives did the black magic at me..iam very sick and have taken a lot of medicines.its not a phsycho case this is reallty,anybody can give me a reference of the person,who have the expertise at this profession…pl help me

  3. Adeline Says:

    I need to bring my boy friend back to me. is there any help that you can provide. i want him back to my side urgently.

  4. icequeen Says:

    adeline, sorry. I don’t think I can help you. Its not advisable to use black magic. Love is after all something natural. Good luck

  5. Pip Says:

    So called mediums and bomohs have a wealth of tricks to con believers and fuel their beliefs to get them to part with their cash.

  6. Lance Says:

    Adeline… y urgently nid ur bf back to ur side?
    black magic r not allowed to use it… if wan, i can b back for u~ XD

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