Puchong’s Haunted Bungalow

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This story is contributed by Navinesh

This happened to a best friend of mine back in 2008. A true story and only something that could have happened if you are really lucky. Well, we do watch ghost hunting’s on tv where it seem unrealistic sometimes with fake interviews or stories and people act as if though they are possessed or something. If its true, hours and hours of filming a particular haunted area results unconvincing evidence.

Way back in 2008, my friend just finished schooling, after the SPM examinations. So, during the holidays his schoolmates and a cousin of his would always hang out every day and they would have this plan of ghost hunting on every Friday nights. After a month of ghost hunting every Fridays at graveyards, jungles and old buildings, they heard rumors of an area being haunted in Puchong. There were about 10 of them, including my friend that visited this old bungalow in Puchong. I don’t really know where exactly is this place, though.

It was already about 12.30am when they reached the bungalow. They had to park their car way far away because the bungalow somehow surrounded by some dry plants reaching up to 1.4 meters which I didn’t really ask what plant  it was. So, the 10 of them started following a narrow pathway with plants on both sides. All of them pulled out their phone and torchlight’s for light. The person leading the way was my friend and he was recording the whole episode with his hand phone. After about a minute’s walk, they reached the bungalow. It looked more like a haunted mansion, the ones  we used to watch in movies.  There was a very huge old door and the bungalow looked so scary that 3 of them refused to go in. My friend’s cousin also refused to go in.

The main door was not locked and so they entered the building. There was not a furniture in the building and there were all scary figures drawn in red. The figures all looked like it was drawn with blood. Drawings were all over the wall with numbers. There were 3 floors, ground, first and second. As my friend was lighting up his cigarette heading up the first floor, he felt a chill all of a sudden from the first floor. Goosebumps started and he asked his friends whether they felt it or not. They replied no. He was the only one felt the chill. So, my friend got a bit scared and he suggest everyone to go downstairs. Everyone agreed and while they are heading downstairs, they were surprised to see the other 3 friends who were outside the bungalow waiting for them inside the house. All 3 of them looked pale and shocked. Sensing something was wrong, the other 7 friends asked if they were okay. They 3 of them replied that, “we gotta go home, lets leave this place”. Everyone agreed and headed back home.

Before going home, they stopped at a nearby restaurant to have some food. While having supper, the 3 of them looked so pale and quiet that the rest probed them for answers but the 3 of them refused to say anything and just replied, “Nothing’s wrong”. After the supper, my friend and his cousin who were living together headed home. My friend decided to ask his cousin personally whether anything had happened just how but his cousin just replied, “No, nothing, just go to sleep”. My friend was still curious about the whole incident so before he slept he started viewing all the photos and videos that he had recorded earlier. In one of the photo’s, he saw a small dot photo. The photo was shot at the time before all of them entered the building. Immediately he showed his cousin. I couldn’t get the original photo, so I took the liberty to make one up just to get my point across.

The next day, he asked his cousin what really happened, and he said that the other two saw something was moving in the tall bushes. It was moving towards them so they decided to run into the house. Later that evening, my friend gave his phone to his friends to checkout the photo. The last time my friend saw the photo was last night, so he was quite taken by surprised when his friends upon looking at the photo shocked to see a face.

Quickly my friend grabbed the phone and saw the dot got getting bigger and bigger turning into a face. It even changed its position. Everyone soon realized something was wrong and it was not a joke. (The original photo was something like this but the face was a pale white smiling face). The other friends were so scared that they dared not even bluetooth the photo. The next day, my friend had a shock of his life after viewing the photo. It got even bigger! Imagine a white pale woman smiling. The original photo was a woman smiling even after it got bigger. The 10 of them feared so much until one of them had a fever. Thus, the third day, my friend made a decision to delete the photo. Even today my friend still gets goosebumps if he thinks about this photo.

Here’s a made up photo of how it looks like

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23 Responses to “Puchong’s Haunted Bungalow”

  1. LynnGoh Says:

    no wonder this real life story needs to get permission. I just shudder when I think of the picture is not deleted until this day. I can’t imagine what ‘it’ will do to the 10 of you. Do they (10 persons) still ghost hunting till this day? This might be a great lesson for them to learn, it’s not really funny.

  2. Navinesh Says:

    haizz.. lynn, ghost hunting is fun sometimes.. 🙂

  3. Lynn Goh Says:

    aiyo, navinesh, if it’s fun ok loh..but if got consequences one, not so nice already. like the haunted house where one of the friend died mysteriously, with the hp still inside the room.

  4. Navinesh Says:

    that story is so obiviously fake.. 🙂

  5. Rina Says:

    It freak me out when i scroll down and saw the picture! >.<
    The reason i love it here is that i can read without picture..:P
    but lucky this is made up but still…. it is very scary lah =.=
    anyway, thanks navinesh for sharing with spookycorner.

  6. OsamaBinLaden Says:

    The picture look likes mah grandma.

  7. Lynn Goh Says:

    haiz navinesh, why tainted the site with fake stories. Supposed to be real stories, more fun mah..like that, whoever read sure said it’s a fake story..no matter if it’s real one.

  8. Navinesh Says:

    welcome rina.. 🙂

  9. bullgirl90 Says:

    i do believe in ghost existence and very interested with ghost stories. But that picture looks very fake !!!!

  10. Alsaeris Says:

    It reminds me to Sadako, somehow!!!

    The subject is getting bigger, bigger and bigger then it will appear on surface of picture then……..KYAAAA!!!!!

    <—— Too much imagination… =__=

  11. anju Says:

    this is really a scary story.Navinesh,ghost haunting is not so fun.you are wrong.

  12. filomena Says:

    I saw that and I can say that it looks like from the movie that have three sequences.
    Somebody is either having fun on us, or that really happened.
    I am a paranormal investigator, and even though I have recorded and registered and seen so much of that, none of this ever happened, not so fluid anyway.
    I believe that it is a fake.
    Cheers, Filomena.

  13. Eve Says:

    bullgirl90 the picture is fake. The author only want to illustrate how it looks like. The real picture was deleted for a reason.
    I never been ghosthunting.. but i think it is fun and exciting. :p

  14. Navinesh Says:

    Filomena, its not fake.. so u havent seen or experience much yet.. 😀

  15. bentohouse Says:

    nice story 😀
    my friends and i occassionally go on these ghost hunting trips and we usually bring one photographer with us. so far we’ve got quite a few paranormal pics from every place we went to. of course, none of them were very clear. most of them are of orbs, blurry silhouettes or need some editing (brightening, zooming) to be really clear.

    but after a while one of us noticed there’s this one ‘fellow’ who kept appearing in all the pics from different places. i even caught a glimpse of ‘him’ once peeking at us from behind a light pole (incidentally, ‘his’ pics are always of ‘him’ peeking out of light poles). so we stopped after that because we realized that something not quite right has been stalking us. don’t want anything untoward to happen since we’ve attracted the wrong kind of attention.

    it was a pocong, by the way 😀

  16. Navinesh Says:

    woah..thats scary bentohouse..

  17. jim Says:

    fucking fake

  18. Navinesh Says:

    jim. its not fake, asshole..

  19. frez_oren Says:

    This Puchong bungalow is a significant haunted place in Puchong. Congratulations Navinesh, hahahaha

  20. touchTITANIC Says:

    Interesting + scary story there and if you don’t mind me asking, where in Puchong is this bungalow located?

    Along the old Puchong Road seems to be a likely spot, am I guessing correctly?

  21. Navinesh Says:

    and yes, u can visit the link, the bunglow pics. cheers. 🙂

  22. Navinesh Says:

    Taman Tenaga Puchong. 🙂 no joke yo!

  23. Suvarna Says:

    Its so scary thanks for good story..

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