The meaning of Ghosts

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The term “Ghost” gets everyone talking. Although not many believe in this, but there are a some that enjoy reading stories of them. Ever wonder what is the meaning of ghosts? Here’s some of the defination of the word “ghost”

The word “ghost” derives from Old English gast and means a disembodied spirit or soul. It is also the spirit of a dead person that is believed to appear in bodily likeness to the living person or to haunt former habitats. Ghost is also the center of spiritual life / soul, demon / spirit, a returning or haunting memory or image.

Ghosts are often associated with haunting, which, according to the Parapsychological Association, “the regular occurrence of paranormal phenomena is often associated with a particular locality (eg a building) and is usually attributed to the activities of a spiritual entity; the phenomena may include apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, cold drafts, sounds of steps and voices and odors.

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