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Haunting in Australia

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

This story is contributed by anonymous

About seven to eight years ago, I did my further studies in Australia. The first year went by smoothly but the second was not so much.. During my second year in Australia , I was rather ‘unlucky’.

It all began when two of my close friends and I decided to move to a new place. My friends managed to find a place with cheap rent, wide space and near to many sort of amenities. It was a villa in a small complex of 5 houses. I couldn’t join my friends for house viewing because of assignments overload but they reported back to me how great the place was. Since they told me that it was a good offer, I told them to go for it. They, however, insisted that I should view it too, but I insisted back that we all should just sign the rental agreement. It was cheap and both of them were extremely excited about the new place. So, nothing could go wrong.

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Haunted House in Melbourne, Australia

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Author’s Note : My cousin, Shen lives in a haunted house in Melbourne Australia. How does she know that her house is haunted? Well, its not very difficult when someone tells you.

Shen lives in a house in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and his brother. Little does she know, over time that her boyfriend’s brother, J, posses the ability to sense and see ghosts. In the beginning when they moved in together, Shen did not understand why J was a withdrawn and introvert person. Soon, Shen’s boyfriend explained that J was very preoccupied with beings that neither Shen nor her boyfriend could see. Because J is still disturbed with the fact of his special ability, he kept himself mostly in the room blogging. Shen, a curiosity cat she was, always asked J for some ghost stories to tell since he has encountered many but was always faced with rejection from J.

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