St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story

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My friend Alex was working as a trainee doctor a few years back at St Vincent’s Hospital at Melbourne. He has special skills which most people would probably which not to posses. He could see ghosts. As much as he disliked his special ability, he could not control when he can or cannot “see”, which in return would scare the hell out of him when his ability was “turned on”.

On one incident that scared him the most was one night when he was on duty. Alex was on the midnight shift and as any other hospitals, St Vincent’s Hospital was no different. It was pretty quiet and he was at the staff’s dorm trying to get a cup of coffee.

As he was entering the staff room, he could hear noises of someone stirring the coffee mug so he thought that it was one of his colleagues and thought nothing. At the point where he was standing which was the staff room entrance, he could not see the pantry as the pantry was on the other side of the room.

As he walked into the staff pantry, he was expecting someone as the sound of the stirring mug could still be heard. The next thing he knew, he felt goosebumps all over when he could not see a single soul there. The sound stopped as abruptly as he entered the pantry. Knowing something was amiss, Alex suddenly did not feel like drinking at all, turned around and left the room.

As he was walking out of the staff room, he heard the sound of clink clanks of coffee mugs and stirs. He quickly shut the door and left the room. However, the incident never repeated itself again as he made sure each time someone would be in the staff room when he entered.


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3 Responses to “St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story”

  1. hale Says:

    u sure have a lot of friends with ‘rare’ gift

  2. raydenleo Says:

    hmm.. “sound of stirring mug” huh…

  3. Alexander Says:

    hmmmm…interesting…but, a little lame…

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