Ghost at the Maternity Ward

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This story is contributed by ZJ

Let me tell you about what happened to my friend’s aunt at a maternity ward in one of the government hospitals in the west coast.

This happened in 1998 and the lady was giving birth to her second child. She went into labour at around 4 pm. The baby was a little jaundiced so they placed it in an incubator. So a lot of people came to visit that afternoon and everything was normal until night came.

She had to stay overnight as nobody was able to stay with her including her husband. Besides, she was getting discharged in the morning anyway.

Long story short, she woke in the middle of the night because she had to go to the toilet. According to my friend, the toilet was not that far from the ward but for some reason, she had a very strong urge to look in on her baby. At the same time, she really had to go to the toilet but because the desire to see her baby was stronger, she decided to go see her baby first.

because she had just given birth, she had to walk very slowly and carefully because the stitches might open up. So she inched her way slowly towards the baby room. It really felt like a very long way away and once she was at the room, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. So she decided to finish her business in the toilet first and look in on the baby on her way back to her bed.

As she walked past the baby room (the toilet was further up), out of the corner of her eyes she saw a woman carrying a baby while singing a lullaby. She thought to herself, who would enter the room so late at night? It wasn’t a nurse and it was definitely not a mother since the room was off limits.

but she didn’t think much of it and went straight to the toilet. She said that the condition of the toilet was very bad during those days. But because she was desperate, she just ignored it and went straight to relieving herself.

As she entered the cubicle, she heard someone entering from the main toilet door (that leads to the sink area). That person then entered the cubicle next to her. Since it was very quiet, every sound seemed to be amplified and she could hear everything including the sound of the lock snapping shut.

As it was, she spent quite some time relieving herself. It was quite normal for a woman after giving labour to take a while. Suddenly, she heard the voice of a woman singing a lullaby from the cubicle next to her. It sounded something like this, “hmmmmm… hmmmm… tido la… tido la…” (go to sleep… go to sleep…)

At that moment, she became very afraid. She kept thinking how far her bed was and how she was not able to run. So she just sat there, shivering in fear. She kept praying that she won’t see anything scary.

After a while, she could no longer hear the voice. However, she didn’t hear anyone leaving the toilet either. So she gathered her strength and left the toilet, keeping her gaze straight ahead. As fast as she was able to, she walked back towards her bed.

Only God knew how scared she was. She didn’t even turn around when she walked past the baby room. She knew that the woman in the toilet was the same one she saw in the baby room. But after 5 steps away, she suddenly heard the same voice singing the same lullaby “hmmm… tido la.. tido la…”

Her knees began to shake with fear. Without looking left or right, she quickened her steps, her mouth mumbling any prayers she could remember. As soon as she got back to her bed, she slept under the covers for the rest of the night, not caring whether it was hot.

Only when the doctor came in to check on her did she finally feel safe again…

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One Response to “Ghost at the Maternity Ward”

  1. janice Says:

    it sure is scary..lucky the woman dint turn back after she left the toilet…
    tht singing woman must be a ghost tht died giving birth to her babies…
    tht woman is scared but she have to be brave tp go back to her room
    n luckyily she is discharged the next morning…

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