The Replacement Body

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This story is contributed by Ding KoSg

Ding KoSg : This is a true story I heard from my friend about her aunt’s husband who’s possessed by spirit which took place in Singapore.

This incident all started when my friend’s aunt’s husband (let’s call him Ah Huat for the story’s sake) met a long time friend by the roadside and had gracefully offered his friend a lift home in his car. And this was when things started going awfully wrong.

You see, Ah Huat’s friend was staying in a low cost rented apartment which is infamous for its supernatural sightings. In past, developers had tried to renovate and revive the building located at exactly where this low cost apartment was but somehow this particular building just wouldn’t profitably prospers. There were even cases where bad omen happened to the people who had tried to revive the building. In the end, the building had no other option but to indiscreetly turn into a low cost flat catered for low income people to rent.

Back to the story, Ah Huat had given a lift to his friend to this apartment and since both of them had not seen each other in a long time, his friend had invited him to his flat for a drink and for some past-time chit chats.
Upon entering his friend’s flat, Ah Huat felt very uneasy to a point where he felt mild dizziness and even imagined the floor surface wobbling. As Ah Huat felt something amiss, he politely excused himself to leave his friend’s house. While leaving his friend’s flat and entering into the lift, he felt the lift he was taking shook and the force going down was as if it was pulling him down as well. When Ah Huat later reached back to his home apartment, he told his wife about the uneasiness feeling he had after sending back his long time friend to his flat.

On that fateful night, at around 1:00 am, while his wife was fast asleep, Ah Huat suddenly woke his wife up and told her that he wanted to go down to car park to get something in his car. His wife asked him, “What is it that is so urgent about the things that you need to take them at these odd hours?” but Ah Huat did not reply her and kept repeatedly saying that he wanted to go down to his car to take something. Irritated, Ah Huat’s wife thought that her husband may have really left something important in the car and so she grumpily told him off, “You want to go down then go la! Don’t disturb my sleep!”

Soon, Ah Huat left the house but the wife’s sleeping mood has been disturbed. Since she could not close her eyes, she sat around and waited for Ah Huat to return home. However, after passed an hour, Ah Huatstill had yet returned home. She began to worry and decided to go down and check on him. Surprisingly, she saw the car keys were still in the house and anxiety started running through her mind. Immediately, she went down to the car park and found that Ah Huat’s car doors were opened but her husband was no where to be found!

She began getting worried and spotted some youngsters hanging around the pavement of the apartment. She quickly ran towards them and asked them if they had seen her husband whereabouts by describing her husband’s features to them. One of the youngster said he saw a man similar to the wife’s description and was wearing only side of a slipper, mumbling to himself and taking off his upper clothes. Terrified, Ah Huat’s wife kept on searching and calling out his name until she reached a garden. That was where she found Ah Huat with his back facing her. He was standing at the fringe of high place off the ground in a position of committing a suicidal jump. Panic, she quickly called out her husband’s name and he responded by turning around to face her but nothing had prepared her for what she was about to see. To her horror and shock of her life, she saw Ah Huat’s forehead was bleeding, his eyes were covered in blood and the lips were black in colour.

Frightened but yet knowingly this disfigured person is her husband, she braved herself by asking him to come back with her. She steeled herself and pulled her husband’s arm and kept telling him to come back home. At that moment, she felt chills running down her spine because as she pulled his arms, she felt no resistance. Judging by the fact of her husband’s body size, she should have felt some sluggish resistance but instead it felt like she was pulling something like a balloon as he was as light as a floating object! Upon passing by her husband’s car, again Ah Huat went inside the car and said he wanted to stay in the car.

Ah Huat’s wife had no choice but to pull him out of the car and bring him back home but Ah Huat kept on uttering vague words and mumbling to himself all the way from lift to the house. Upon reaching the door step of their home, Ah Huat’s wife was again horrified by her husband’s action when he skipped and jumped across the main door into the house!

Not long after being inside the house, Ah Huat again insisted that he had to go back down and stay in the car. This time around, however, his wife could no longer stop him physically from going down. She had no choice but to ask Ah Huat’s relatives to come and help her. As soon as Ah Huat’s relatives arrived, they found him searching for something up and down in the car. They quickly pulled him out again and brought him back home.

After sending him home, Ah Huat did not utter a single word from his mouth and kept silence throughout the night. Early next morning, Ah Huat woke up and briefly told his wife he was going to work. His wife asked him if he knew what had happened to him last night but Ah Huat answered her by giving his wife a fierce staring look while remaining silence and left the house.

Suspecting something amiss, Ah Huat’s wife went to see a medium and gave details about her husband to the medium. After chanting some mantras, the medium told the wife that Ah Huat had been possessed by a female spirit who needs a “replacement body” for her reincarnation. The medium advised the wife to seek a higher priest in order to cast out the female spirit inside her husband’s body.

So off she went looking for a higher high priest. The high priest gave a charm to her to be worn by her husband but she was reluctant to put it on her husband fearing that he may react aggressively towards her. With this, the priest asked to bring her husband immediately to see him instead. Without Ah Huat’s knowledge, his wife secretly arranged the meeting with the help of her relatives to see the priest. Upon looking at Ah Huat, the priest immediately performed some prayers and pointed a sharp object on his forehead. Ah Huat’s body trembled and soon after that, he felt a sense of relieve proving that the spirit had been successfully been cast out.

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6 Responses to “The Replacement Body”

  1. Spooky Fan Says:

    Oh my reading this at so freaked out now…

  2. JonSpark Says:

    Why some ghost like to act so weird one? What was ‘she’ searching in the car?

  3. calvinwdw Says:

    cool man.. nice story haha… hoping for more story from u man.. hehe
    who are ur fren? i know him de mah haha…

  4. Harveena Says:

    yeah jonspark.. i agree in what r u saying… what is she searching for in the car.

  5. unsightly Says:

    If the lady ghost can follow him to the house, why would she want to stay in the car. So, obviously, the husband is doing some hanky panky but wen he noticed that the wife is checking on him, he pretend to be possessed i.e. put blood on his face & eyes and use black lip stick. He probably paid the medium & high priest who are his cahoots in his hanky panky pranks. That’s the most logical sense.

  6. unsightly Says:

    It is not “she” who is searching but “he”. The husband is just pretending to be possessed to cover up for his hanky panky & left the evidence in the car.

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