Japan Hotel Holiday Turned Horror

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Author’s note : This story is told by a good friend of mine about an experience her sister had a few months back during her holiday trip to Japan

My eldest sister, Ying, and my youngest sister, Yin, recently went to Japan for their holidays. Yin, however, had a shock an experience of a lifetime when she encountered something supernatural during her Japan trip at the local hotel there. She experienced what most people would describe as sleep paralysis but Yin was certain that it wasn’t as what most non-believers would explain to be. So here’s how it happened.

Ying and Yin came back quite late that night to the Japan Hotel. Their shopping spree there turned out to be quite a success as they bought a lot of souvenirs back home for us. After the shopping spree, Ying and Yin did not end the night with rest but continued on talking and catching up with the latest news happening in our family. You see, Yin stays in Kuala Lumpur whereas Ying stays back in hometown managing her own business. As much as both of them are apart in distance, Yin would always occasionally return home to visit our parents and catch up with the rest of the siblings.

After the long chat, Ying decided to call it off a night and slowly she doze off to sleep. Yin, on the other hand, could not really sleep and kept tossing and turning the whole night. Right as she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly felt something sitting on her bed and as soon as she felt alert, the thing immediately crossed over to her body and sat on her. For what seemed like eternity, she struggled to move and called for Ying but it was no avail. She kept trying to turn her whole body (as she was sleeping on her side) but she could feel the weight of the thing pressing down against her. After some try, she felt the weight of the thing slowly releasing and as soon as she could move, she quickly got up and ran to the other side of the room where Ying was sleeping and slept with her throughout the rest of the night.

After that night, they did not stay in the same hotel anymore for their tour arranged them to stay in different hotels every night. Until today, Yin is still unable to forget the experience she had and still could not place her decision if it was just a freak incident or some sleep paralysis

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12 Responses to “Japan Hotel Holiday Turned Horror”

  1. a nony mouse Says:

    it’s just sleep paralysis. nothing spooky here.

  2. Nuf Nuf Says:

    yes, it’s sleep paralysis. it can happen when in deep sleep or almost fallen asleep. i’ve that kind of experience too even i sleep on my side, it’s like “something” coming down to hug me~ (0.0)

  3. Aerick Says:

    I experienced this about 3 to 4 times, in my own house O:
    its really spooky.

    Just when your about to sleep, you’l feel a very extreamly heavy pressure on your chest,
    all you can do is move your eyes, its impossible to shout or move
    and sometimes you feel your body moving left to right

    I’ve been googling for weeks after it happened to me,
    many said its a sleep disorder.

    Nothing to worry about i guess (:

  4. Lynn Goh Says:

    Aerick, just shout at ‘it’. and see what happens.

  5. bibobu Says:

    the last time i had it i can see a black figure sit on top of me and i cant shout or do anything but i strangle the black figure till i can move my body

  6. Lynn Goh Says:

    bibobu, your body cannot move but your hand can? You strangle ‘him’ ? how? by the neck? sorry, not trying to be funny, just wanted to know how you did in, in detail.

  7. Justbrowsing Says:

    The so called “sleep paralysis” is nothing to do with any physical defect or sleep disorder. It is a supernatural infliction by a “supernatural being” so to speak. I have many such experiences in my younger days. I was quite fit then so weakness was not the issue.

    You could not move or break free. Could not breathe nor shout out although your eyes are wide opened. Struggle as you might, you just could not move until the supernatural being releases you from its strangulation hold; and it seem like ages, then leaving you breathless and gasping for air.

    Explaining it from my own personal experiences, although I now do not have such experience anymore, I could safely say that as you develop spiritually and your religious conviction is strong, such occurances will not inflict you. Or rather the supernatural beings could not or rather not harm you unless you challenge them to. I normally do a short consecration of the hotel rooms that I stayed in when I travel and I have very peaceful and sound sleep.

    I once shared a hotel room with a guy in Paris to save cost as we travelled in a group for a seminar. The room was supposedly haunted (as we later were made to know). My room mate suffered “strangulations after strangulations” almost every night when he related the incidents later on. As for myself, I do not feel any presence at all, even when my room mate didn’t return for the night and I turned off all the lights and slept alone soundly.

    I do not profess to be an expert in the supernatural things or occurances, but I am aware, understand and at peace regarding their existence. They become manevolent for a reason.

  8. castiel Says:

    i had two times so far in my life this so called sleep paralysis and i think for both times i got an explanation.first time i was awake nut sleepy but i didnt want to sleep i want to get up which would mean i was in a mode in between sleep and not sleep since i was pushing myself to not sleep both had occur for the same reason this is actually because ur brain has has send an impulse to ur body to rest but problem is that ur awake which means ur body wants sleep badly .

  9. barreneye Says:

    i think it relates to one another,a metaphysic. i read it somewhere,sorry i could not recall for any citation,but there is a big chunk of our brain that is still a big mystery .. and says that this is the part that actually locates a door to this another dimension.It is in every normal human being, but so far, only a few seem to have it activated and the knowing to switch it on/off..while many have it by only by under certain circumstance,perhaps under uncertain circumstances.

    I remember i had this experience-sleep paralysis numerous times, especially when i felt worried over something, be it personal life or education field.However, there was one i’d say a special case when i had the body paralysis in my dream twice (same dream,same night).Meaning,after i got rid off of the 1st sleep paralyss, i woke up in my dream,still (because i didn’t woke in my bedroom,but somewhere else).only after the 2nd time ..i was really awake,as i looked around,it was no doubt i was in my bedroom … it just that, there was something in the mid-air,hovering just 2 feets away from my face..then my heart started pumping like a v8 at 9,500 rpm.

    This thing seemed to form by patches and patches of papers …it didn’t look solid,somehow the formation of those paperpatches looked like a human figure,from the waist upward(no legs),wearing a traditional hat (like the one on a samurai),holding a rod..like a fishing rod ..but there was a sort of lantern hanging at the tip- end. At that time, i could only move my eyeballs.while i staring at it, i noticed that every part of this figure was not in static ..every patch kept a circling motion,but sustained the shape of ‘a man in a hat holding a lantern on rod’ look.In fact, it also had a sound like papers flapping and flipping.Like when u flip a newspapers rapidly, the sound has no intermittent,but continuosly .i glanced at my posters,class timetable on my right side ..but none of it flapped/flipped the wall,they were perfectly intact.

    As i kept asking myself-am i still dreaming?? …later the figure started to hover backward..higher and higher to the ceiling.As it moved to the ceiling, the figure little by little changing its shape,into shapes i could not define. it looked like one of those tribal totems,and it kept re-forming while moving from left to right,right to left when it was finally set on the ceiling.There was no more flip-flop sound coming from it , no more in paperpatches..but now in orange light. I couldn’t utter a word. It felt like my arms was tied up to dozen of bricks, i was struggling but i succeeded to raise my right arm and finger point at it…then i made a sign, telling – Get out !!!.(i actually tried to yell ‘f88k – off!! ..but my voice stuck somewhere) After swaying again, left-right-left-right on the surface of the ceiling,then it stopped,almost static ..my hand was still in the air..pointing to the opposite end of the ceiling..my heart was still pumping mad ..few seconds later..that thing moved across the ceiling to the other end, right over my head.slowly crawling at first, but as if it was gaining speed,..it moved pretty fast as soon as it reached the wall ..then, went through it ..and gone.

    The room had a big sliding window,but since it was right next to a corridor,it was completely sealed with that black sugar papers as i don’t want to live in a glasshouse either,where people can see everything u’r doing,while curtain cloth is pricy.so even during daylight,the room is pretty dark..of course, not too dark.

    After that thing gone out through the wall,i pinched my arm.it hurted.then i looked at my alarm clock- it’s 5 minutes to 7, a.m.

  10. tsurugi Says:

    I don’t have such, well, experience.
    My older sister had once, maybe more, I’m not sure since she doesn’t speak much of those. (I believe in supernatural stuffs, so I’m easily scared)
    It happened in our old house and we shared a room.
    It was midnight about 3 or 4AM, I was watching tv in the well, tv room and all of a sudden my sister rushed out from her room, the sound of her pulling the door nob was kinda like a bang, forcefully pull the door to open.
    I was wide eyed and then she said down beside me. Pale faced.
    She said something disturbed her while she was sleeping. Similar case as yours, she couldn’t scream, move or open her eyes.
    She just felt something very very heavy pressing onto her body. She fought hard and finally managed to open her eyes and jumped out of the bed.
    After an hour or so, she went back to sleep.
    I was too afraid (chickened out), so I didn’t sleep and kept the light on in the tv room, watching animes and playing video games until the sun rise (until I wasn’t afraid to go sleep).

  11. unsightly Says:

    So if yr eldest sister is Ying & yr youngest is Yin, so that makes u Yang, right? So, if we were to call yr sisters in order, it would sound like Ying Yang Yin. Sounds nice.

    Now here’s a story shared by a couple of frens who used to stay in this haunted apartment in Bedok, SG. As usual, the rental was darn cheap for a 5 + 1 bedroom apartment which came fully furnished & tiled for the matter. MY frens who stayed at the apartment consist of 4 fellas i.e. 1 couple, 1 guy (horny) & 1 beautiful lady (single). So, what is so scary about this place, u say. Well, here it goes:-

    1) Dining table floor, always wet but no water dripping from the ceiling nor water marks at the ceiling. Perhaps could be water leaking from the a pipe below the floor but then again, shouldn’t the water flow down to the apartment below. The neighbour below said no problems.

    2) Windows shut but newspapers and papers lying idle on the floor or table gets blown. At one time, one door slammed shut while the two guys were playing computer games. No one else was around. Maybe there is internal wind tunnel or maybe those fellas have stong chis that they can move light weighted stuff. As for the door, maybe the chi from the 2 fellas was strong enough to close the door. My guess was those guys were not playing computer games but watching porno. The chi got stronger as a result.

    3) Crystal ornaments turn from purple to black one night. Same night, the guy who owns the crystal ornament had a dream that he was at a cemetery looking at someone’s graveyard. Probably that guy never washed his crystal and it just got black over time. As for the dream, he probably either came back from a funeral or watch some darn horror movie. Most of the time, he has perverted dreams.

    4) Now, here is supposedly the most scariest part of all. One night, one of the girls was sleeping alone. Normally, she would be sleeping with the other girl (couple) in this queen sized bed but so happen that night, the couple were away for the weekend. As usual, before retiring to sleep, she would take her bath & hence, needed some time for her hair to get dry despite blow drying her hair. God’s know what kind of hair she has. Anyway, as she was lying on her bed turn on one side, she felt someone sat on the other side of the bed & lied down beside her. She ignored the feeling and pretended nothing happened. Then, she got a nudge on her shoudler & heard an old lady whispered to her in Hokkien. She freaked out, jump, ran & hid herself at the other guy’s room. When asked what the old lady said, her answer was like this”

    “How the f..K am i supposed to know. I don’t speak Hokkien. Besides, you expect me to ask the whatever, can you speak in f..king English, u stupid pr..k?” (Now, there goes the reputation of my beautiful lady fren)

    Obviously, the preverted guy fren was happy to have the beautiful lady fren staying in his room. What happened that night? None of them wanted to tell me.

    So, the guy (couple) went & consulted a medium sifu. He brought the sifu to the apartment & after inspecting the place, the sifu & the guy went out to yam char. The sifu told the guy that the place is haunted by an old lady & two kids. The sif asked the guy, “Did u see my tummy move when I was at your apartment?”, “It was the kids playing with my tummy”. (When the guy fren related this part of the story to me, he said, “That sifu nut eh? expect me to see his tummy. Not like he is handsome or wat? If I had a tummy like him, sure my tummy would move as well”. Now if it was a beautiful woman sifu with low cut, different story. Won’t stop looking. More movements, more better”)

    Anyway, the sifu told my fren that the ghosts are harmless. In any case, all 4 fellas moved out asap. End of story. The story is true but which part, I will let u guess.

  12. unsightly Says:

    Not sure if you heard this story before but here goes.

    There is the guy who was celebrating his birthday & his parents left the whole house to him so that he could hold his birthday party there. So, this dear guy invited all his guy friends over. (I am not sure if this guy is straight or what. If I had the whole house to myself, I would also invite girls over. Can you imagine, an all guy party. Playing strip poker won’t be fun at all).

    Anyway, apparently, they had fun & our dear b’day boy was overwhelmed by the fun (More likely, from too much booze). So, he headed up to his room to catch a cat nap while his friends continued with whatever unfun things that they were doing. 1 hour later, his idiot friends realized that the main man was not amongst the crowd. A few of them was requested to go check & see if their friend was fine (can you imagine, 1 hour later only check. Don’t find this kind of friends coz if you had a seizure, you would have been dead).

    3 fellas went up to the birthday boy’s room & noted that the bedroom door was slightly ajar. They heard moaning & was wondering, is this guy dreaming or doing the manly thing. They peeped & guess what they saw. The b’day boy was on the bed still with his clothes on but there were 3 shadowy figures that had the femine shape with long hairs sitting on him i.e. one sat on his legs, one on his face and the other on the particular part. (No wonder, b’day boy is moaning). Then, one of the shadowy figure looked up as if knowing that they are being peeped at. The glance of red eyes & pale face was enough to freak the 3 heroes into running down the flight of stairs & into the porch. The other guys being idiots were amused by the commotion & continued with their unfun activities.

    Not long after the 3 guys ran out of the porch, the b’day boy came down & joined the crowd. When the 3 fellas outside came in & saw the b’day boy, they asked him if he was ok. B’day boy said he was fine and asked back, why?. The 3 heroes didn’t say anything until they were back at college. The only reply they got from the b’day boy was like that “Did that happen? All I know was I was sleeping & yes, I felt like I was being pressed down but by 3 beautiful girls who said that they wanted to give me a birthday present which I had wished for”. My body ache after the sleep but I enjoyed myself. No wonder my pants was wet. ” (So wishes do come true after all).

    Happy belated birthday, Birthday Boy if you are reading this! If I were you, I make more wishes then again, maybe I won’t. Wishing for a car may just end with a paper car if you get what I mean.

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