Site Down – Spooky Corner’s Own Horror Story

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What can be more horrifying than your own blog being listed by Google as malicious?

It started yesterday morning when I received an email by Google informing me that my site has been temporarily removed from being accessible because of being suspected as an accessory to spreading malware viruses. Of course, I was shocked. The immediate reaction was that this had to be some sort of prank or whatsoever junk mail from spammers or hackers or whoever that’s trying to get you to click on the links they have so that they can make the rest of your life as miserable as ever. But after going through the mail once again, it seemed genuine and the next course of action was taken. Innity, one of the advertising companies that Spooky Corner is signed on to happened to be the reason of this horrifying story (To Innity, thank you very much for creating this nightmare. Thank you for being irresponsible enough to ensure that its a payback time for Spooky Corner since Spooky Corner’s been scaring people for so long). For the next 48 hrs or so, Spooky Corner immediately went into some sort of horror story itself because no one could access this site.

Thank God everything is now back to normal. As how all nightmares started, they must end (otherwise it must be really really really scary). So sorry to disappoint some of the readers who have been trying to access this site since yesterday. You must have somehow stepped into Spooky Corner’s nightmare by noticing that this site has been blocked.

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4 Responses to “Site Down – Spooky Corner’s Own Horror Story”

  1. LynnGoh Says:

    When I clicked, the ‘scary’ page appeared in. Came in to check your sites for the past 2 days, on and off, problem still persists but now solved! finally.

  2. pisang Says:

    i don’t know that
    i didn’t access yesterday.

  3. DaViDcHaN Says:

    Don’t worry about it, these things happen. Since I needed to read the next chapter of the “Girl in the red pajamas”, I did a little reading about the said malicious program that google had flagged. It seems that it was using JavaScripts as its medium of infestation. So, disabled JavaScript on the browser and continued reading SpookyCorner. 🙂

    Keep ’em stories comin’! 😀

  4. tokan corner Says:

    yeah lots of blog seem being attacked by malware even the blog just has the link o the infected site..

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