The Vengeful Ghost

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Author’s Note : I find it pretty comical speaking to a friend of mine whom I recently discovered that she is quite sensitive towards ghosts. When I speak sensitive I meant that she claimed she could feel them. Although she did not mention about her past but I suspected that she probably had 3rd eye but “closed” them when she was younger as she claimed her son has them too. Here’s one of the incident that happened to her sometime ago

Back when I was young, I used to sleep together with my younger sister in the same room. My family has always branded me as the scardy-cat as I would be easily frightened by ghosts or anything that is supernatural. The thing is I didn’t want these stuff to happen to me but they just do! I remembered clearly like it was yesterday back when I was just 16 years old. My parents have gone on a trip outstation leaving my sister and me behind home alone. It all started that late evening. My sister was outside at the gates speaking to a mutual friend of ours and since I was feeling tired, I decided to wave good bye to our friend and head of to bed. At that moment, I was standing at the front door and as I waved goodbye, I turned around to head towards the foot of the stairs. As I was turning, I suddenly felt something bad behind me. It was just a feeling but this bad feeling would usually bring bad news. I knew that night something bad was going to happen.

That night as I tried to fall asleep, I found myself having difficulty breathing. As time passed on, it got worse. At one point, it started feeling as if someone was choking me and holding his hands at my throat. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. After about an hour trying to grasps my breath, I decided to seek help from my sister who was sleeping on the bed next to mine. Breathless, I tried to wake her up, “Little Sis, please wake up! I’m having difficulty breathing and its getting worse”. After shaking her a little, she turned around (her back was facing mine at that time) and looked at me saying, “Stop fighting, I’m going to see who’s going to win this fight”. Shocked, I immediately knew that it wasn’t my sister who was talking to me. I mean, it was all her voice and her but my little sister would not say something like this which did not make any sense at all! I decided to head back to my bed and struggled on with the problem the rest of the night.

As soon as morning hits, my sister stirred from her sleep and asked me what was wrong. At that point, I was started crying and asked her why she did not bother about me last night. My sister was shocked and denied that she was awakened by me that night. I went on to tell her the whole incident and immediately she called our parents. My parents were concerned and immediately informed my aunt who happened to be living nearby. That day, my aunt took me to a famous bomoh to set things straight. I couldn’t really remember what happened next as things went blurry from there on but it just frightens me until today to think that something would want to kill me.
Til today, I still didn’t know what had happened that night but I would still have the same bad feeling every time before ghosts would disturb me.

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2 Responses to “The Vengeful Ghost”

  1. tokan corner Says:

    Uhhh it quite thrilled…it could be better if u load some pic of the vengeful ghost 🙂

  2. unsightly Says:

    I don’t see anything vengeful here unless u telling me that the “it” is the spirit of yr bf’s girlfren who committed suicide bcoz you came in as 3rd party. Alternately, the story tagline shld read “me struggling with a vengeful ghost who got a wrong person”

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