The Girl in Red Part 2

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This story is a continuation from The Girl in Red Part 1.

The second encounter was after both my sisters have grown up. One proceeded to further her studies in a college in Penang where as the other chose to work in Kuala Lumpur. My brother who took the middle room (not the same room as the one my sisters shared), went to sleep one night as usual.

He was sleeping slightly on his side (leaning on his right shoulder) when he heard a girl asking him if he wants to play. Shocked, he slowly tried to move his left shoulder down to the bed to a position where he would be lying on his back. As he slowly moved his shoulder down, he suddenly he felt a bump on his left shoulder. In the darkness with only a dim light from the kitchen that shone through the windows, he saw a girl aged around 5 to 7 years old sitting with her back facing him. His left shoulder was touching her back. She was wearing a red top or a dress perhaps. My brother was not too sure as she was sitting down. She also a middle length hair that swept across her shoulder unlike the short bob hair I had back when I was 11 years old.

The girl made bouncing movements on the springy bed and giggled continuously. She asked about 3 – 4 times (in cantonese) if he wants to play, but he didn’t answer her. Well, for obvious reasons right? She then, just kept bouncing slightly on his bed and made hands movements, exactly like how a child would play with him / herself. Scared, my brother turned his head away from the littleā€¦errrrm.. girl, and tried very hard to fall back to sleep. He closed his face with a blanket using small and slow movements so to not provoke the child whose back is now leaning on his left shoulder and chants to himself “sleep, sleep, sleep” over and over again until he fell asleep due to tiredness. The girl was still bouncing slightly until he couldn’t feel her presence anymore.

I do not know if the two girls are the same but it does seem weird that both sports the red outfits. Besides, they weren’t the same age. One even wore MY PAJAMAS and took my appearance!!!! Urgh.. I slept in both my sisters and brother’s rooms (for more than 4 years) after they all moved out but I never encountered any of these (THANK GOD) or any other supernatural cases in the whole house itself. I’m still trying to figure out why it happens only to the two of them but not the rest of my family members and me.

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  1. tokan corner Says:

    haha….i thought that was a real ghost

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