The Girl in Red Part 1

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This story is contributed by Su

I am from a small town in Perak and this has happened twice in at my house. The first incident was encountered by my second sister and second incident by my older brother. Both the incidents happened with a few years gap apart.Back when I was just about 11 years old, I do not own a pair of tracksuit so I often ask from my second sister (who is 6 years older than I am) to borrow me one. She would usually be really reluctant and of course, very pissed at the concept of having to share it with.

The first curious incident happened at this one night when I asked to borrow the tracksuit from her while she was half-asleep. You see, she shares the same room with my eldest sister back then. At around 11pm, I went to her room and asked to borrow her tracksuit. Her back was facing me at that time and she went on grumbling, “Yalah, yalah go take it lah!! Don’t kacau me sleeping!!!” So I took it from her cupboard and went to sleep myself.

That night, not quite sure what time it was, my second sister was suddenly awoken by the sound of ‘my’ voice asking if ‘I’ could borrow her tracksuit. Angrily, she scolded ‘me’, “YOU ASKED ALREADY LAH! JUST GO GET IT FROM THE CUPBOARD AND LET ME SLEEP!!!” ‘I’, then walked to the cupboard, opened it and took the tracksuit out, walked out of the room and shut the door. My second sister saw all of these through her blurred sleepy eyesight as her face was facing ‘me’ when ‘I’ asked for the tracksuit. She even remembered that ‘I’ was wearing a full red two piece pajamas with long sleeves and long pants.

Moments later, she saw ‘me’ opening the door and walking towards my eldest sister’s bed. Then, ‘I’ sat on the bed and made bouncing movements on the bed. She saw ‘me’ whispered to my eldest sister’s ears, “Tai ka che, Tai ka che! (eldest sis in cantonese) Wake up, Wake up already! Faster wake up! Wake up, Tai ka che!” repeatedly over and over and over again. My second sister got really annoyed by the commotion in the middle of the night and yelled “SHUT UP LA, YOU STUPID GIRL! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!!!”

Then, ‘I’ walked out of the room slowly and closed the door, and my sister fell back asleep. The very next morning, she complained to my eldest sister “Why didn’t you wake up when Su asked you to! She is so annoying last night! I swear I could stand up and slap her!” My eldest sister was oblivious and kept saying that nobody woke her up last night at all. My eldest sister insisted she did not hear or see ‘me’ walking into their room in middle of the night to get the tracksuit. My second sister began to worry so she head to my room with my eldest sis to get some clarification if I did what ‘I’ did last night. I was still fast asleep in my room when they both walked in. To my second sister’s horror, she saw me wearing a full yellow two piece pajamas with long sleeves and long pants and NOT the RED one! I do actually own both colors of the pajamas, red and yellow, at that time but when she asked my mother where my red pajama was and my mother told her that she had just washed it and it’s currently hanging outside the house since yesterday night as my mother forgot to collect it last night.

She could not believe it. The girl in red pajama had the same hair cut as I did that time (short-shoulder length bob) and same stature as I did. Not only that, the girl in red also had the same exact voice as I did! I certainly did not play any tricks on her!! I did not!!!! I swear!! >_< I was really asleep the whole night and the truth is, when I fell asleep, I really fall into a deep sleep which is almost comatose. So who is that girl, actually? to be continued…

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3 Responses to “The Girl in Red Part 1”

  1. pisang Says:

    may be you have double evil character that you did not realize it?

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    Sleep walking?

  3. zerobyte Says:

    It’s called Doppelganger which I believed in German means body double ghost. My family had same experiences in our house in the 80s as well. My older brother would see ‘me’ bathing bathroom door open (i was at school), my sister & me sees my father (while he was working at office), he in turn sees my mother in two different places, my eldest sister’s friend saw her playing hide & seek at our small garden (she still in the house). Those are half of the story though 🙂

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