The Boy with 3rd Eye

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Author’s Note : This story is related to me by a close friend of mine who has a 7 year old nephew that could see ghosts.

We all knew that since young my nephew, Jack, has special abilities. He could see ghosts. In the beginning we assumed that it was just a passing phase as the elders said that young kids often see ghosts all the time. However, his twin brother Jake, who too at a very young age could see ghosts had grown out of this ability where as Jack still stuck with the third eye. Often when I’m back home, my sister in law would relate to me some stories about her son to me.

One incident I remembered most was Jack claiming that he could see a ghost just outside his house where he stays currently in Puchong. You see, just opposite his house, his neighbor has a very large tree where Jack would tell his mom that he could occasionally see a ghost lurking just beneath the tree. Well, the exact words should be a monster as the thing he saw did not look human at all. The monster would occasionally run to his house compound where Jack would tell his mum about it. However, Jack’s mum always dismissed it as one of Jack’s wild imagination. Until one day.

So happened, one of Jack’s aunt came to visit them for the weekend. Jack’s aunt too has the 3rd eye ability and so during the visit, she was quite surprised when Jack reacted funnily by purposely looking away when they were passing by his neighbor’s house. It was then Jack’s aunt confronted Jack’s mum that she realized that there was indeed a monster lurking just outside the house.

I’m not too sure what happened next or did they do anything about it since the monster did not bother them

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6 Responses to “The Boy with 3rd Eye”

  1. ZJ Says:

    wow.. can tell us what this monster looks like?

  2. TheMonsterMan Says:

    Yo dawg that aint trippin shit but i could rate a 0/5 star what a fucking lie bitcchhh

  3. Dog Sense Says:

    Nature is wonderful when we see the normal things that make us feel it’s normal.
    But the next time when you see something that is not normal or monstrous, BET you will shit faster than you spit.
    Never ever dismiss other’s monstrous experience. It may most likely happen to you! Tonight!
    Just go to the rainforest and ask for it!

  4. monen Says:

    lol @ dog sense…

    but i do agree that we shouldnt dismiss it…but if it didnt disturb us…we shouldnt disturb them…

  5. DaViDcHaN Says:

    I am curious as well as to the description of this monster. Would be better if Jack could sketch it out for us… am wondering if it’s the same monster like creature my mum saw when she was a young adult.

  6. shan Says:

    how to post my own story ??

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