Lost Ghost at Karak Highway

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My friend, Joe, one day decided to head back home to Pahang during the weekend. Because of the hot weather during the day, Joe decided to travel back home in the middle of the night instead. Usually, Joe goes back home using the only highway he knew from Kuala Lumpur, which was the Karak Highway.

That night, in the middle of the long stretch of highway, he felt tired because of the lack of sleep the previous night. Thinking that he would not want to endanger his or anyone’s life, he pulled over to take a short nap.

Suddenly, he was awaken by a tapping noise outside the window. Opening his eyes, he saw a little boy outside alone on the lonely and quiet highway. Scrolling down his window, he asked the little boy why was he alone in the middle of the night. The little boy then replied him that he was looking for his mother. The little boy asked Joe if he had seen his mother. Joe, finding the whole situation a little weird, started his car engine and told the little boy he had not seen a single soul throughout his journey. Joe then quicky pressed the accelerator and drove away leaving the little boy behind.

After quite some distance, Joe looked back through his side mirror and saw the little boy runnning after his car. Quite stunned, he soon realized to his horror that the little boy was still running, this time, side by side with his 110 km per hour speeding car. The little boy was still trying to tap on his window at the same time asking Joe if he had seen his mother and that he was looking for his mother. Shocked, Joe stepped on the accelerator harder.

Soon, he saw a police car at one of the rest area and reported the whole incident to the policeman. The policeman was calm and did not look even the slightest surprise or angry and told Joe that it was a common sighting at that particular area.

Apparently (according to the policeman), there was a car accident recently at that particular spot. Both the little boy and his mother died on the spot. However, the little boy’s mother was thrown out of the car quite some distance from where the authorities found the little boy’s body which explains why the little boy would ask passerby if they had seen his mother.

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14 Responses to “Lost Ghost at Karak Highway”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Karak highway really fully of mystery stories. Last time my friend used to travel there, during the road block by police, the police told my friend not to leave the car if anything happen. Imagine, even police also told my friend NOT TO LEAVE his car at all!

    Got many unidentify cases that car broke down, the car owner came out from the car and check the car, suddenly they lost their life in mystery ways. All cases happend in mid night.

  2. earl-ku Says:

    when youoare driving alone on a long stretch like this, its spooky, i dare not look into the rear view mirror wan …scared to see someone sitting at the back jau hai lat …haha

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    Oh yah… we are organising ‘Together-Gather’ Year End Bloggers Party on 30 Dec 2006. U want to join?

  4. ic3 Que3n Says:

    earl-ku, haha.. me also same especially if the whole road is pretty quiet and lonely

    kenny, did ur fren happen to see anything? Sorry la, can’t attend la, got event on that day.

  5. Abyss230 Says:

    Can ask ….?? who know pass many year ago , have a family pass there and they daddy was kill by “ponti anak”at there … i just wan asking wat that date??
    i hear that story many year’s ago… any 1 know??

  6. watermelon Says:

    wahh 110kmh oso side by side with the boy very scary le…like dat i need to get a gtr35 going 300kmh see if the boy can catch up or not…hehe..but really spooky le…

  7. ling Says:

    U DAMN FUNNY LA! might as welll get a racing car!

  8. Roy Says:

    we need ghostbuster!!!

  9. john91 Says:

    walauwey..whole shit scary loh…i heard ah got this beatle car,.when u drive the highway..if u pass the car…suddenly he already infront of u..heard that 1 b4??

  10. monen Says:

    kesian the boy still looking for the mommy…

  11. sam Says:

    mysterious call a DJ and told the stroy about man killed at karak highway, left his wife alone in the car

  12. barreneye Says:

    sam – yup.. that is one of the best ones i ever heard so far .. said that, they could not retrace the call, and there was nothing on their recorded tools when they tried playback, which supposed to have every conversation recorded as part of their routine procedure. Heard that, the slot was stopped right then, consequently.

  13. yatye...... Says:

    so scarylah…..

  14. Karam E Khawaja Miah Says:

    Just recently few days back, me and my friends were coming back to Kuala Lumpur using this highway. and we did notice some scary things on the side of the road, after spotting it 3 times we almost had 3 accidents. in all the 3 cases there was an old man. in the first instance he was spotted by my friend, he was wearing contraction worker cloths, at that time no one else saw him but only my friend. then the second time it was the same guy as described by my 2 friends but now he was dressed in road safety worker’s cloths and lastly he was spotted by me, he was all bloody and bruised up. after the first spot the car lost control and almost hit the riling, then the second time the care refused to turn but we did not stop the car and tried to drift through the turn and finally the car refused to accelerate. then played a little with the gear and the car gained a little power and we were about to stop, but thanks to one passing car, he did not allow us stop or he would have hit our car. so we moved on and as soon as we passed the highway the car became normal and it didn’t have any problems and we came back home.

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