Bearded Man outside Window

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Husband and Wife were about to get into bed after a long tiring day. After checking on their 6 mth old baby (whose baby cot is situated by the window still), husband and wife went to bed. Its been such a long day because Baby keeps on crying the whole day until Husband and Wife had to take turns to keep Baby entertained.

It was approximately about 2a.m in the morning when Baby started crying. Wife, seriously tired woke Husband up so he could check on Baby. Husband, tired as well, nudged the Wife instead. In the end, He could not tolerate Baby’s cries any longer and got up from the bed. Blurly, Husband went over to the cot and saw Baby sitting up crying and crying. Mistified, he asked “Why Baby are you crying?”. Baby cried louder and louder and pointed outside the window.

Husband was shocked to see a face of a bearded man pressed against his window still. It wasn’t until a few seconds later when the shocked weared off and the senses came back to him. How could anyone be standing outside of his 20 storey condominium? Shaking, he picked up his baby and turned is back around and slowly walked towards his bed.

Husband coo-ed Baby to sleep and Baby slept peacefully. Wife, tired, mumbled to Husband what was wrong but Husband was still shock and just replied nothing. Husband put Baby to sleep on their own bed instead

The next morning, only did Husband related the story to Wife. The following day, Husband and Wife setup an altar. They never saw the image again but they did not want to take any second chances!

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4 Responses to “Bearded Man outside Window”

  1. smchan Says:

    really like your blog. i like to hear ghost stories especially local true-life experience ones.

    tried searching for more but unfortunately unable to until now. nice blog.
    keep it up. i will recommend your blog to others and maybe we could exchange stories.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Hi smchan! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I enjoy hearing them as well. You can share some stories with me at submit[at]spookycorner[.]com and I’ll post them up!


  3. Unknown Says:

    How can a 6 months old baby sit up? Baby is too young to be able to do that LOL

  4. fatketiak Says:

    I’ve read so many stories in this blog, great blog by the way,
    Just one question, i’ve been around children my whole life…how does a 6 month old baby points?
    At least a year old baby is still gonna have problem pointing at objects….

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