Feng Shui Tomb

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Author’s Note : I got this story from this TV talk show program shown in Taiwan called “Unbelievable World” (direct translation) which features people from all walks of life to discuss about their experiences with this mysterious world. Here’s one story about a Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Master’s mum recently passed away. At that time, Feng Shui Master was still at his early days of his career going through a rough patch. Because he was always too busy to arrange for his mother’s funeral, he requested his student, to pick the most auspicious date and location to bury his mother’s remains. It is said to believe that an ancestor’s burial spot is most important because it would affect the future generations. Feng Shui Student was eager to please his teacher so he took a lot of care in choosing the auspicious date and location. After a few weeks of calculation and analysis, Feng Shui Student presented to his teacher his chosen preference. The student explained to his teacher that if indeed the day he had chosen is auspicious, then his teacher would see two signs, one, a green man riding a horse and two, a green turtle. All this seemed a little too unbelievable but the Feng Shui master decided to have a little faith in his student and proceeded with the chosen date and location.

You see, the date the Feng Shui student had chosen was pretty unconventional because apart of the auspicious date, the most suitable time for the burial to start was during the night time. Usually, people in this line of business do not bury people during the night for fear that unexpected and unfavorable events might appear. The master had a tough time convincing people to carry his mother’s coffin and even had to pay double to get them to do the task but when that fateful day arrived, yet, only half the people turned up. Fortunately, the Feng Shui master had a lot of relatives and most of them were willing enough to help out.

Upon reaching the location, the place was quiet and filled with fog. In the midst of driving up the slope in a heavy fog, the master suddenly saw a ray of light coming from the opposite direction. Slowly, the master could finally see where the light was coming from as the fog slowly shifted away. The image slowly appeared and what the Feng Shui master saw was a man wearing a green color t-shirt was riding a motorcycle. Enough said, his student immediately pointed out that this was the “green man” that they had been waiting for. The student told his teacher that the man in the green t-shirt riding a motorcycle was indeed our modern version of a man riding horse (motorcycle in Chinese is also know as a metal horse). Cautious, the Feng Shui master told his student not to get too excited as there was still a green turtle yet to be seen.
After the burial ceremony, the master proceeded back home. As soon as everyone was in the car, the Feng Shui master turned on his engine and shifted gears. Suddenly, his uncle shouted at him to halt. Surprised, the master asked his uncle what had happened. The uncle explained to him that he had seen a very nice green turtle by the roadside and wanted to get down the car and carry it home with him as a pet. True enough, the Feng Shui master saw a green turtle by the roadside.

After that day, the Feng Shui master had windfalls after windfalls in his business, reputation and wealth.

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7 Responses to “Feng Shui Tomb”

  1. pisang Says:

    wa lao eh……
    his student is really awesome.

    i thought the green turtle is a Volkswagen in green but it turn out
    it’s a real turtle.

  2. Nuf Nuf Says:

    then the student would have better business and fortune than his~ 😀

  3. Globe Says:

    Student had to explained to Master about what expect to be seen?

    Turtle by the road side? I thought turtle live in sea? Not tortoise?

  4. 1998's Guest Says:

    i think the feng shui master name is Joey Yap.. Lol

  5. SoGua Says:

    hahaha pisang.
    i like ur version.

    green turtle = Volkswagen in green


  6. pisang Says:

    I want to add more…..
    “the student finally beat the master”

    just like “star wars”

    ki ki ki ki ki

  7. Pinky Says:

    Where got logic?? Calculate a few weeks??? The mother’s body also rotted liao lah.

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