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Cyberjaya Hostel Haunting

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This story is contributed by Navinesh

I have a story to tell and it goes like this. I live in a Cyberjaya Hostel where I’m currently studying now. The Cyberjaya Hostel haunting took placed last year. A close friend of mine was in his room. It was just a small single room in the Cyberjaya hostel and it happened during the end of the semester where students were leaving the Cyberjaya hostel for holidays. My friend was the only one living on the floor at that time and so happened on that fateful day, his classmate dropped by his room around 9pm to hang out. Leaving the room door unlocked, they both talked and joked for some time enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang. Turning towards the source of the noise, they found that it was the sound of window blinds hitting the glass window. Not surprised, it’s a pretty common noise as it happens all the time when people push the door in quickly.

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Author’s Note : A friend of mine told me an experience she had with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. What it was, you may ask. Well, it’s better for me to relate this story back to you rather than explain.

Back in the late1990’s when I just entered UITM, I had a life changing experience with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It was when it happened that I finally knew perhaps Darwin’s theory was right after all. You see, it was just one evening when me and my roommates were back from the usual evening class. Everyone including myself was in a happy mood because the classes were finally over for the day and it was a time for relaxation. Of course, we chatted our way back and right into the dormitory. I plopped onto my bed as usual and we were all sitting at our own beds listening to one of my roommate telling story. I forgot what it was about as I tried to my best to erase the memories of that day along with the other details.

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Terengganu’s haunted school

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Author’s Note : The following story was told to me by my colleague who used to stay at the dormitories in her school back when she was studying in Terengganu.

I’m always a small hearted person when it comes to the supernatural world. When you’ve stayed at school dormitories long enough, you will also hear or perhaps even have a fair share of supernaturally unexplainable experiences. The one that I experienced most vivid was one night before term break.

You see, I stay in those 4 people sharing room and everyone was preparing to sleep so the next day we wake up earlier to leave for our homes. The usual routine I had with my room mate, Siti, was visiting the washroom to cleanup ourselves before bedtime. One thing was to brush teeth and another reason was I didn’t want to be wakening in the middle of the night with a toilet urge. The dormitory corridors always spooked me out and my room was unfortunately located at the far side of the right when the washroom was located right in the middle of the floor, so I had to walk across a whole lot of dorms before reaching the washroom. So that night wasn’t so different. As me and Siti left the room, another 2 of my room mates, Shu & Fiza, prepared for bed.

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