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Pontianak in UITM Arau

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This story is contributed by an ex-colleague of mine who happened to tell me this story after I kept pestering her for hours.

This happened to my brother during his studies at UITM in Arau. It was during one of those exam period in UITM Arau when most of the students were busy studying and burning midnight oil. My brother was nonetheless, one of those last minute UITM Arau students who prefered to study under the examination pressure. He claimed that he saw a pontianak with long hair 3 days in a row just right before his examinations.

You see, his desk was facing the outside window where the view were tress and grasses. At around midnight, he suddenly saw something that caught his eye and looked up from his books. It was a pontianak “crusing” past his window but it seemed to him that the pontiank could not see him. He immediately did a double take and looked behind at his roommate who was fast asleep. My brother turned back towards the window and of course, there was nothing but the calm and dark night scenery. Why was my brother so sure that he saw a pontianak? Well, one thing’s for sure is that whatever that was, it was no human because he was on the 3rd floor of UITM Arau’s campus.

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Another UUM Ghost Story

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Author’s Note : I thought that I might as well post this story since its still fresh in my head after hearing from my colleague today who used to study in University Utara Malaysia or better known as UUM when she was younger

Yes, University Utara Malaysia (UUM) does have it share of ghost stories. Have you heard of the bus incident? Yes? Well, I’ve always thought that it was nonsense right until that very day, it changed the way I thought about ghost stories. It happened during the holiday break when the campus is most serene. It was already late in the evening and being one of the committee members that holds the induction for new students, I had to be there to prepare the hall for the newbies.

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Phone Booth Ghost

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

This story happened in a local university campus. You see, back in those days when hand phone was something unheard of, not much of a common asset or only something that the “rich” people could afford, all students use the phone at a phone booth located near their hostel.

One late night, this student was hanging on the phone for a very long time chatting with his girlfriend. Although he knew people were waiting in line, he just kept on yakking on the phone ignoring the frustration of the others. After about an hour or so, the crowd dwindled to just one more person standing behind him. After a while, he heard the person asking him if he was going to take a very long time but he just ignored him and kept on chatting. In fact, he was quite irritated that the person wasn’t using the other phone booth which was located not far away from the one he was using.

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