Phone Booth Ghost

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This story happened in a local university campus. You see, back in those days when hand phone was something unheard of, not much of a common asset or only something that the “rich” people could afford, all students use the phone at a phone booth located near their hostel.

One late night, this student was hanging on the phone for a very long time chatting with his girlfriend. Although he knew people were waiting in line, he just kept on yakking on the phone ignoring the frustration of the others. After about an hour or so, the crowd dwindled to just one more person standing behind him. After a while, he heard the person asking him if he was going to take a very long time but he just ignored him and kept on chatting. In fact, he was quite irritated that the person wasn’t using the other phone booth which was located not far away from the one he was using.

It was not long when he suddenly noticed that the person behind him had no legs. He immediately felt something amiss and told his girlfriend that he had ran out of coins and needed to head back to the hostel. After hanging up the phone, he immediately turn and walked away. He did not even dared to look up as he was afraid of what he might see.

While waiting for the elevators, he whistled a tune just to get off the scary experience that he just encountered. As the elevators came, he walked into the empty elevator and pressed on the button that would bring him to his dormitory floor. In the elevator, he suddenly heard the same voice that spoke to him at the phone booth laughing and said “Oh, so you do realize that you ran out of coins huh?”. Needless to say, the guy fainted.

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11 Responses to “Phone Booth Ghost”

  1. _butt Says:

    what language did the phone booth ghost spoke to him I wonder…

  2. ic3_que3n Says:

    butt, urr… my fren was talking to me in malay so i guess i assume its malay!

  3. pisang Says:

    haunted phone booth
    i did remember last time when my teens days
    there is 1 phone booth that can dail straight to HELL1

    wonder if this folks are true?

  4. rayden chan Says:

    pisang, when i was in my teen, i heard of a number to HELL too…not sure if it’s from phone booth only..
    maybe it’s an urban legend to scare naughty kids…haha..

  5. pisang Says:

    I agree that…..

  6. purple-mushroom Says:

    Is this real? OMG! Which uni was this?

  7. J Says:

    OMG……he must be really irritated….if not ..he will not be encounter…this thing. Landline phone is not only can call to HELL….but also can received call from HELL….will submit the story later….

  8. ic3_que3n Says:

    purple, i’m not too sure as my story teller wasn’t sure as well.. however, i’m kind of skeptical if this is just an urban legend cause as far as i know, there’s no uni with lifts one wor… anyone know any uni hostel with lifts?

  9. whatever Says:

    just another variation about this story. the one i heard was about a girl student washing clothes in the toilet…. same old thing, no feet n the ghost giving funny remarks…

  10. Rina Says:

    Yes there are many Uni hostel with lift. UTM and USM also have

  11. unsightly Says:

    Phone booths? Doesn’t your dorm / uni have any public phones? Who r u calling? honey/ darling kah?

    Anyway, I did meet a ghost without feets before. It told me that when it was alive, it hated to wear shoes and for the matter, walk on two feets. It wished that it could just float or fly like the birds. It was thankful that it finally got its wishes. Lesson learned, wishes do come true.

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