A ghostly marriage?

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Author’s Note : Have you heard of supernatural marriages? Well, I often doubt about it although there are practices by some cultures where they wed either the dead with another dead or a dead with a living person. Here’s one story told by my boyfriend Sogua.

You know back in those days when the mortality rate wasn’t that high amongst children because most die of sickness and health problems? My mother’s family was also one of the family not spared from the grief. My uncle died when he was just 12 years old due to some growth on his hand which was diagnosed as cancer. For that, my mother’s family was devastated.

Some years later after my uncle’s death, my grandfather dream that his passed away son visited him in his dreams. In the dream, my grandfather heard my uncle telling him that wanted to get married and gave him an address to go to. After waking up, my grandfather wasn’t sure if it was just a dream or that his son really visited him. He could not decide if he should visit the address his son passed to him or just ignore the weird dream. After some thoughts, he dismissed it. One week later, my aunt had the same dream. She dreamt that her brother had wanted to marry someone and gave her the address. My aunt told my grandfather about the dream and after family discussions decided to go to the house for a visit. After all, the house was just a few roads away from my grandparent’s house.

When my grandparents went to the house, they were shocked to find out that the family also had a daughter that passed away and that they had the same dream as my grandfather and my aunt. So then, the 2 families decided to perform some marriage ceremony meant for deceased.

Footnote : This may seem fictional, but believe it or not, there’s a pro gramme on tv that advises people against picking up red packets of angpows if you see them on the street. Apparently, this is another way for the family to “pick” potential suitors for their deceased love ones.

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6 Responses to “A ghostly marriage?”

  1. rayden chan Says:

    wow…im in lost of words, this is really really interesting.
    So, this kind of dream are real after all?

    When my grandpa passed away, he appear in my aunt’s dream.
    He appear to be confused, dark and alone.
    He told my aunt that he’s scare, and he dont know what to do.
    Then my aunt told him to follow the light.
    Join those people who walk towards it and there’s no longer dream since then.

  2. ic3_que3n Says:

    rayden, i really have no idea! but i guess for those that have dreamt or believe in it does exists!

  3. A.yako Says:

    i heard it somewhere before ..

  4. Icequeen Says:

    a.yako, its a common thing because I read an article about supernatural marriages some years back too.

  5. eksk Says:

    i am curious really, do the ghost grow up or do they stay in the child form forever? if they marry can they have ghost babies? if they grow up it begs the question, if they can grow old , can ghost die?

  6. neko Says:

    I know this post is already years old, but the first sentence bugged me so much that I decided to post it here. Call me a fricking Grammar Nazi if you will :p

    Wiki defines ‘mortality’ as “… is a measure of the number of deaths (in general, or due to a specific cause) in some population, scaled to the size of that population, per unit time.”

    So the correct way to say would be “You know back in those days when the mortality rate WAS high amongst children because most die of sickness and health problems?” 🙂

    By the way, great job with the website. Your stories are among the best Malaysian and Singaporean ghost stories I have read online.

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