Lady Ghost in Kota Kinabalu Office

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Author’s Note : My friend told me this pretty scary story via email about one her office branch located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

My office branch in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is under going some renovation works recently. Last Tuesday, as usual, our Kota Kinabalu branch will hold a weekly meeting from 8pm until 10pm. One of our managers would usually stay back even later than usual to further discuss some matters with some of her staff. That night was like any other nights for the manager. About 11pm, the manager wanted to go to the toilet and excused herself. As she was walking towards the toilet, she suddenly saw a shadow floating into the toilet. The first thought that came to her mind was that perhaps it was too late already and she was imagining things. So she thought nothing further and continued walking into the toilet.

After leaving the toilet, she suddenly saw a woman with long flowing black hair with her back facing her, standing in the middle of the hall. The manager was puzzled and called out to the woman asking her, “Who’s there?” Of course, there was no relied from the woman and the next thing she knew, the woman floated across the room out of the hall. The manager quickly rushed downstairs and asks one of her staff if she had seen any girl coming down from the hall but everyone shook their head. No one had seen anything.

The very next day, the manager complained to the branch head about her weird incident. Co-incidentally, one of the contractors was in the office and had overheard the manager’s story. He too told the manager and the branch head that some of his workers saw this floating woman 2 times while doing renovation works.

The piping contractor told them that he saw the lady one morning while coming to work at 7am. The day before, the branch head had passed the keys to the office to the security guard so that the security guard could open the doors to the office for the contractor. That morning, after the security guard opened the door, he left the contractor alone inside the office. The contractor saw a Malay lady sitting inside one of the meeting rooms and thought that it was perhaps one of the staffs there although it did not made any sense that the security guard had just opened the door for him.

The contractor decided to ignore the lady and walked towards the male toilet. The lady turned towards his direction and ask, “Kenapa encik dekat sini?” (What are you doing here?). So the contract replied her that he was going to do some piping at the male toilet. The lady then “walked” towards the male toilet and went in.The contractor thought that she might needed to check on something so he decided to wait for her outside the toilet. After some 15 minutes or so, he got impatient and knocked on the door but no one answered. Irritated, he opened the door and searched for the lady but there was no one inside.

The puzzling part was that, all the time, no one had complained that they saw any floating woman until the renovation had started. Some people had theories that perhaps the renovation works and noises disturbed this spirit causing the floating woman to move around looking for some where quiet to hide.

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6 Responses to “Lady Ghost in Kota Kinabalu Office”

  1. pisang Says:

    yeah ,
    agree with the author.
    But there is another possibility theory.
    May be at that time , which that manager saw that ghost is “their” time
    The best idea is go home no matter how and dead line are.

  2. Nuf Nuf Says:

    so how many ghost are there?! seems like at least 2 from the story told. maybe more are lurking ard in the building!

  3. Lynn Goh Says:

    rudely woken up by piping and construction noise. If i am the ghost, I sure lurk around to see what’s happening and check them out.
    maybe the toilet is the entrance to their house. hehe

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    nuf nuf, i’m not too sure tho but seemed like they are talking about the same one!

    pisang & lynn, apparently right, this place happens to be a office cum shop where there are a few fitting rooms in this place and so far because of the renovation, the fitting room had to be removed. some of the staff there guessed that the “thing’s” home (ie the fitting room) was disturbed because some of the fitting rooms weren’t use most of the time (not much business i guess!) … my goosebumps were rising when she told me this… imagie, u changing ur clothes and ahem! is looking right at you! *shivers*

  5. pisang Says:

    aiyah… icequeen…….
    there are ghost….. nothing happen wan…
    expect “hamsam kwai” lor

  6. funkid Says:

    friendly spirit! no harm unless u irritate her…though must hv been a shopaholic..making fitting rum as wonder a woman!!

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