The Serene Ghost

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This story is contributed by Shabana Gany

Speaking of ghost stories, I’ve encountered one when I was 12 years old. In my family, we never actually believe nor ‘see’ things as we believe that those ‘things’ are not meant to been seen. Since I was just a child, I’ve always been a ‘weak’ one in the family, as what my father told me. I remembered that I saw something that I shouldn’t be seeing. On one fine morning at about 5.50am, I was with my mom waiting for the school bus outside the front porch.

Right in front of my house, there was a road leading up where there are more houses towards the foot of the hill. Next to that road was a playground. Around the edges of the playground, there were large trees and one particular tree where we us children should never ever go near. It was on the far left of the field, a large tree next to the entrance with a fine red string tied around it. At the bottom of it, red candles and offerings were left there.

So back to the story. I was looking on either side of the road, waiting for my bus to come and fetch me. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw someone was sitting on a swing that was near to where I can see. The light from the street lamp couldn’t illuminate far enough to the field and the swing was hidden in the shadows. However, I manage to see an outline of a young woman with her facing towards me with her long black hair hung loosely down right up to her waist and swinging serenely.

I called my mom to look towards the swing I pointed out. She looked left and right of the field and claimed that she couldn’t see anyone there. I kept saying there’s a woman sitting all alone and when I turn back to see if she’s still there – the swing where she sat, was vacant and it was swinging on its own.

My mom suddenly felt the goose bumps and it so happen my bus turn the corner. Before I went up the bus, my mom told me not to mention about this to anyone. It was a puzzling thing as I kept thinking, how could a woman walked so fast and disappeared in split second? I tried to recall back on the things that I might have missed out but it was weird. I couldn’t find her anyway away from the field or somewhat nearer the exit where I mentioned the tree was.

It has been 10 years now and whenever I go back to house to visit my grandmother, it chills me to see the swing where I first saw an apparition of the young woman sitting and swinging – serenely.

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