Gifted Eyes – 3rd Eye

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This story is contributed by From a Penangnite

One of my current colleagues, Adeline had a kid who has special gift, Charles, who could see ghosts. We, Chinese, believe in ghosts, reincarnation and many more.  Both of them speak mandarin language at home. Adeline told me that when Charles was about 2-3 years old, she would put Charles at the living room to play on his own while she was at the kitchen cooking. Suddenly, she heard him crying and screaming. At that time, her son was too small to complete a full sentence. Concerned, Adeline kept on asking his son why did he cry and she had to even to repeat the question a few times. She could see that Charles was terribly frightened and he kept pointing towards the balcony. Although she tried her best to soothe him but Charles kept pointing and crying out loud.

Then she realized something was out there. Adeline scolded that thing loudly and even walked to the balcony, stood there with her hand flying and kept on scolding non stop. Her son then stopped crying after that. You might think that Adeline is not afraid of ghosts but she’s just as frightened of them as most of us are. However, she would do anything to keep her son safe. She told me that at that moment, she felt crazy and angry. People said that when a kid is small (usually before the age 5), they could see ghosts and even play with them. It’s a natural thing that could happen to any kid. So, my colleague thought that this is was just a passing phase. So, one and off, she would tell us what her son saw (that was before the age of 5).

She once told me that while she was driving along the cemetery road, Batu Lanchang road, on one fine afternoon (her son was sitting at the passenger seat), she saw her son waving towards the cemetery at her rear mirror. Her son, then, was already 4 years old. She asked her son in mandarin, who was he waving to. Her son replied to her in mandarin, an auntie and a child. Both of them waved back to him. She got goose bumps all over. Her son, at one point at the age of 5 years old, asked Adeline what is ghost. My colleague couldn’t explain to him for fear that it would scare him since he was still small. She did not explain further.

After her son past the age of 5, he could still see them. It downed to her that her son could still see and looked like there was no way to cure his gift. She has talked to her father and tried many ways to get rid of her son’s gift but to no vail. Recently, that was about a month ago, she told us that until today, she still asks her son if he could see anything funny during school or activities. Her son would update her whenever she asked.

When the recent Hungry Ghost month started, she told us this incident right after. Her son said in school, he saw a ghost standing in front of his teacher and staring at her. His teacher was writing at the blackboard, teaching them not aware there was something staring at her. Usually she would ask her son whether it’s a female or male. this time, he told her, the one at the school had 2 faces. One part was female and the other was male. He said the ghost then turned and stared at him instead. He showed his fist at the ghost and saw the ghost slowly disappeared, thinned out, became blurred, turned into a small line of smoke and went into his book. He quickly closed his book and kept quiet. The next thing he knew, the ghost came out from his book and got in front in full form, past through his teacher who was still talking and teaching in front and flew off. He is just studying Standard One this year.

One time, while he was in the classroom, being too tired, he stretched his neck and looked up at the ceiling. To his shock, he saw an angry ghost doing some clawing action at the ceiling, coming down at him. He was frightened and used both hands to close his face.

Again, one day my colleague, passed by the Batu Lanchang road again in the bright daylight and her son who was sitting at the passenger seat suddenly told her that there were so many of them gathering at the cemetery. He said ‘So many of them, I don’t want to look anymore, so terrifying’. The ghosts can see him. He has the gifted eyes.

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10 Responses to “Gifted Eyes – 3rd Eye”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    The child is playing prank on the mother perhaps..hehe..

  2. Penangnite Says:

    No, the mother is my current colleague. The son confirmed is not playing pranks.
    Just 3 weeks ago, the mom informed her son that theywere going to buy some ham for sandwiches. She took the underpass of the greenlane area.
    The underpass is confirmed as a ‘dirty place’ where alot of accidents have taken place and many lives were taken away. There were cars from the rounabout flew down to the underpass. The last accident took place took 4 Indian youths in early morning around 1-3am.

    The mother did not say anything to her child about the Greenlane Underpass #. Upon reaching the entrance on the underpass, the son said to her mother, ‘Ma, so many people inside here. Some of them are fighting among each other.’ The mother asked her son to shut up because at that time they were already inside the underpass.

  3. pisang Says:

    ray…… ray…… chuk chuk chuk (shake head)
    are you believe but refuse to believe
    I think you had a some ecounter af these thing…..

    why not you share it to all reader here. send ir to admin.
    remember send it to admin

  4. _butt Says:

    I won’t say it’s cool to be able to ‘see’ these things… but surely there’s a reason for the gift?

  5. loh Says:

    i am reading the spooky corner ghost stories all the time.Pertaining the 3rd eye, i believe everyone of us has the 3rd eye. One is able to ppen the 3rd eye through regular meditation and must also learn to ‘close’ it when one does not ‘need’ it or else ghosts and spirits would keep contacting the person.

  6. Penangnite Says:

    Loh, i agree with you. I think all of us have the 3rd eye just that it’s closed all the time. I believe there must be a reason for the kid to be able to see until now. My best friend’s younger sister can see all these. she is now immuned to it and whenever she comes across one, she will avoid hitting it. So, to others, why did she not walk in straight line?

    My cousin whom meditates can see ghosts. He told me one day many many years ago, while he was in his teens. He’s now 34 living in USA right now.
    His parents house is a semi-d and he liked to meditates underneath the altar for many hours. Of out something, i accidentally asked him whether he has seen ghosts since it’s ghost month. He said ‘Yes’. My sister and his sisters were surprised and kept on asking him to say more.

    He told us briefly that at night around 8pm he meditated underneath the altar, he can see there were a few of them coming to the road side to eat the food that was served on the 1st night during the 7th month. The prayer stuff that usually we prayed for the 1st night? I asked him ‘how do they looked, horrible? any white or red ghost? He kept quiet thinking what to tell us. Finally, he said ‘some of them have long tongue hanging out very long..dragging, some have distorted faces’. we looked shocked and he decided not to tell us anymore.

  7. loh Says:

    Dear friends ,

    there is a very famous medium in the UK called Derek Acorah and i always read his books. My friend from the UK even sent some DVDs about him. He would visit haunted sites , houses , castles etc with a TV team and they would broadcast it live. There was one incident that one of the crew was punchd by a ghost in a haunted pub. The poor guy was screaming away. Very often they saw orbs. If you can get those books , then you can understand more about the unseen world.

  8. wharever Says:

    I think this is because of the third eye………….The ‘son’ got that special gift like some ordinary people too…..

  9. Aunty Says:

    Derek Acorah is great. I think I watched almost all the shows of Most Haunted that he was in – you really start to understand the spiritual world a lot more through Derek Acorah’s explanation.

  10. yeahright Says:

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