Handphone Ghost?

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This story is contributed by Loh

After reading those spooky stories, I  would like to relate a spooky incident told by a tour bus driver. I am working as a tourist guide in Malaysia and traveling is normal for me. Very often when we have an ’empty run” which means when there aren’t tourists in the bus, I would sit next to the driver and we would be talk about everything. Sometimes we would talk about late payments from some travel agents, certain guides, hotels and everything in the travel industry. However, one day we happened to talk about a well known hotel in Cameron Highlands which I do not want to disclose the name which was has a reputation of being haunted.

The driver said he encountered a weird incident in one of the rooms. One particular day he had to sleep alone as his guide had gone home to sleep because the guide is from Cameron Highlands. The driver has 2 mobile phones . That night he placed both his phones next to each other and went to bed. At night, he said he had a weird dream. He dreamt that someone came into his room and started using one of his mobile phones. The next morning when he woke up , he noticed that one of his mobile had 9 missed calls and the other—– all the credits had used up!!

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4 Responses to “Handphone Ghost?”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    moral of the story is: dont drink and get too drunk or else, the hotel maid will come into ur room, and use up all ur phone credit to make phone call.. lol

  2. _butt Says:

    I’m expecting a good one but this is just… -_____-“

  3. ano Says:

    i had this experience too. at a hotel in penang but it was a little naked boy playing with our newspaper. it was pretty real and few yrs later, a photos of a ‘little boy’ was taken in this hotel and forwarded in emails.

  4. Lynn Goh Says:

    Hi Ano, now i m interested to know which hotel is that. Any pictures left? I would like to see them.

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