Pulau Pangkor Spooky Holiday

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This story is contributed by Asrar

Something happened about 7 years ago when we went to Pulau Pangkor during the Hungry Ghost Festival! Very brave of us indeed.

It all started the morning we arrived at Pulau Pangkor. Upon reaching our Hotel, 5 of us decided to head to town to rent some motorcycle. The hotel provided us transportation to get to the town. Once in town, we immediately got to a shop that rented their motorcycles. We rented 5 of them and headed back to the hotel. On the way, everyone got lost individually in broad daylight! When we finally reached the hotel, we all asked each other how come we can get lost. Friend A said he was following B. B was following C and so on. I was the last one in the line and I am very sure I was following D when at a bend he suddenly disappeared and I was cursing him why he had to speed! Everyone had the same story at the same bend!

Anyway, we were happy everyone got there in one piece! Then one of the friends who had never rid a motorcycle, decided to learn. Some of us taught him the controls, it was those automatic motor. Suddenly he started moving, increased speed and crashed into the bushes a few meters away. We all rushed to his rescue and asked what happened. He said somehow the motor started moving and when he pressed the brakes, nothing happen and when he neared the bush, he was going to avoid it when some kind of force pushed him! We thought the brakes might be faulty, we checked the brakes and it was all working fine. We just brushed it aside and continued with our activities.

Nearing to evening, we all decided to ride out to town to enjoy some seafood. We gathered at the hotel lobby and were waiting for 2 of our friends outside when we heard a scream from inside the hotel lobby! We all rushed in to see what happened and saw a girl lying on the sofa, her face all white and she was shaking with her feet in a very weird direction. They rushed her to the surau from where we heard more screams from the girl. We found out she was possessed and the ustaz at the surau had tried to get rid of the spirit. We did not stay behind to see if he succeeded.

Now the crazy part begins, going to town, at the very same bend, everyone disappeared again and got lost! Friend A was riding the motor and I was sitting behind and our motor suddenly brokedown at this extremely dark stretch! We noticed that clutch was broken (we had the manual bike, others had the auto ones), how it broke, we had no idea! Another motor passed by and asked if we needed assistance, so my friend A decided to follow the Good Samaritan to town and get the mechanic to follow him back to fix the motor while I waited for him by the roadside. For 30 minutes I waited in vain! The place was very dark and it was getting colder.

Out of the darkness, appeared the Good Samaritan again and told me my he had dropped my friend at the mechanic shop and they will be coming in few minutes. I thanked him and continued waiting. 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 1 Hour!!!!! No sign at all! So I decided to leave the motor on the side and walk to town coz as per the Samaritan said, it was only a 10 mins walk. I walked for a good 45 mins but yet all I saw was a dark stretch of road that was never ending!!!! And mind you, during this whole 45 mins, not a single car/motor passed by me and I didn’t see a single person!

This was when I started creeping out! I stopped, closed my eyes, thought of my grandfather who has always protected me (according to some sifu) and opened my eyes, infront of me I saw lights and civilization! And in 2 mins, I saw a motor approaching, it was my friend with the mechanic! My friend was screaming at me asking me where I disappeared and why I did not wait with the motor. I told him I waited for more than 1 hour and had walked for another 45 mins before meeting them, He said ridiculous as the motor was only 5 mins ride from the town! And the scariest part is, he was at the motor location and I was nowhere to be seen, but if he had gone to the motor, he would have passed me as I was walking along the road and the there is no other way for him to get to the motor! And I started wondering, where the hell was I walking for 45 mins?

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6 Responses to “Pulau Pangkor Spooky Holiday”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Oh god, I think you had entered the ‘spirit whole’ unknowingly. That stretch could be ‘it’.

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    Why must you go during 7th month? I always tried to avoid traveling in this month. Call me superstitious.

  3. pisang Says:

    that’s indeed creepy…..
    well, I believe they must be a spirit must be playing with you guys….
    and in other hand
    in science you experiencing a “time lost”

    hard to explain I’m not a science guy.

  4. spooky_lover Says:

    Shud be said, they are entering the twilight zone… step into unknown…
    7th lunar month shud be kuai kuai stayin at home….it will be safer….
    as one chinese phrases says,
    “no scare 10001, shud scare 10000” – cantonese version – mm pah man yat, jui pa yat man

  5. loh Says:

    Talking about Pangkor Island , this is what i had heard from a tour bus driver. In fact , before the KLIA was built , that piece of land was orang asli settlements. When the goverment decided to build KLIA there , they had to resettle the orang asli. There were also many orang asli graves in the settle. Somehwo , of course they also have to resettle the “unseen”. The driver claimed that a bomoh was sought to relocate those “unseen” settlements. A few tour buses were hired and it seems that the drivers all felt that the bus had became heavier after the unseen passengers boarded the buses . First they wanted to take them to Gunung Ledang but was “full house” , later they chose Pangkor Island.
    I know there is a stretch of road where you find cemeteries….very eerie!

  6. TS Lee Says:

    i htink i know which curve you’re talking about. itz an extremely dark and dangerous curve with a small bump. tht area is very misty at night. i was at pangkor five years ago for vacation and i got my friend to rent a bike. we wanted to go out for supper, but the hotel staff was against the idea.

    however, my friend and i insisted to go. so the hotel staff told us to use 1 direction. apparently the other direction leads to a more dangerous route. we followed his specific advice, but still couldn’t reach the town despite being on the road for more than 30 minutes. as we moved, the road just got darker and curvy. it was so misty we could barely see the road. to be honest, i was so scared, i started thinking about god and everything that i thought could protect me, and we finally reached a burger stall. we packed some burgers, hit the road and safely returned to our hotel.

    when i came back to KL, i shared the incident with another friend of mine, whose cousin lived in pangkor for many years. he said we were lucky because that particular dark curve is haunted. there have been countless accidents there, not only because it’s dark and curvy, but also a lot of motorists hit the bump and crash. his cousin, who has somewhat the third eye also claimed, every time she passes that area, she could see a bunch of “things” squatting by the roadside, clapping their hands, and cheering for something to happen.

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