Weird Happenings in Kelantan

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This story is contributed by Pisang

My father is from Kelantan and for sometime a whole family of us would go back to my father’s kampung Kelantan when I was just a kid.

On one night when I was about 12 years old, I had an unforgettable experience. It was late at night when I suddenly woke up with a urge go to toilet. Since it was late, I was too scare go to toilet which located inside house. But the pressure was  strong and I could not stand it anymore and picked up my courage to release my need. Before that, I picked up my watch to check the time. It was 5:35am and I quickly move to toilet to poo. After my “business” was done, one would normally either use water or toilet paper. For me, I used the water and while the water was running, I did not notice anything until I heard a strange sound right outside of the toilet. It sounded as if  it was very far far away but was getting closer and closer. The sound I never heard that particular night was not anything I have ever heard before.

As I pulled the flush down, the strange noise got louder and louder as if it was trying to drown the sound of the flushing water. I spent a little more time washing the stubborn dirts and then turned off the tap. As sudden as the sound came, the strange sound stopped. I turn the tap and as the water started running again and I heard the strange sound again.

I had an urge to peek outside to see what is was  but my heart kept telling me “no…. NO ! DO NOT LOOK OUT SIDE!”. I quickly got out from that toilet and looking straight ahead I headed for my bed. Before I fell asleep again, I too a quick look once more at my watch. I was in deeply shock when I saw the long needle pointing at 12 and the short needle pointing at 3. It was 3:00am in middle of night! I did not know what had happened to me that night if i peeked out to see what had made the strange sound that night.

If you say it was the sound of an insect or monkey, well, let me assure you that the strange noise did not sound anything like that at all. Moreover, there were no insect sound nor monkey sound. It was very quite night.

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9 Responses to “Weird Happenings in Kelantan”

  1. tommy Says:

    did the alien do an anal probe on you?

  2. Lydia Says:

    guess the sound came from the tap. lack of water pressure causing some sounds.. i always experienced it in my home 😛

  3. boring nite Says:

    pisang, why the time jumped from 5plus to 3am?

  4. _butt Says:

    umm… can you be more descriptive on the ‘weird sound’ that you’ve heard? screeching noise or what?

  5. pisang Says:

    lydia dear….
    it’s not water from tap and I hear that strange sound and
    the water sound fill the tank in same time, I hear both sound
    that sound is came from out side of toilet
    and out side is jungle.

    boring nite…
    i cant’s explain that still now Ivery confuse about that

    alien only do a anal probe to someone have bowel problem. I doesn’t have that

    i can’t describe how or what that “weird sound”
    but I’m very sure that is not makes from any living creatures.

  6. Ifusmell Says:

    wat bout the time that turns from 5am to 3am??? wat does tat means…

  7. ichi Says:

    i think hes watch broken oredi…..

  8. Johnny Says:

    looks like ur time machine is working..
    dats explain y ur watch jumped from 5am to 3 am

  9. TkY Says:

    many believe that 3am is the ghostly hour, and it is the opposite time of 3pm when Jesus died

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