Amcorp Mall’s Office Ghost Story

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Author’s Note : I had a bit of goosebumps when my business associate related this incident about her housemate, Carol, to me.

Did you know those office lots nearby Nestle House in Petaling Jaya? Those are really old shoplots and have been around for quite sometime already. My housemate, Carol’s office used to be there  before moving to her new office down at Amcorp Mall. Carol used to work till late at night to rush her already due deadlines. There was one night when she was working all alone in the office, suddenly she felt something blowing at her ears. In the beginning, she thought it was the wind although the office entrance door was locked and no windows were opened at that point of time. Trust me, don’t be surprise to find yourself trying to find for a logical reason whenever situations like this happen to you. Then just as she was starting back her work, the blow came again. Ignoring it, she continued to work. After a while, the blow came again. This time she packed up her things and left. Okay, so this was just the first and perhaps the only incident that happened back at her old office.

A few months came by and soon, her company decided to move to Amcorp Mall’s office bulding up at the 14th floor. Not long after that, there were rumours of strange noises heard by those people who worked late. Carol’s experience came when one fine day she decided to stay back to complete her work. That night, after finishing her work, she had to walk to the other side of the building’s lift as the lift nearest to her office would be closed after 10pm. That particular lift would bring her to the lobby where she could take another lift to get to her usual parking up at the 5th floor.

That unfortunate night, she waited for the lift for quite sometime, got fed up and decided to walk using the emergency stairwell located nearby. Why? Because the lift just kept on going up and down the floors between floors 6 – 9, never once stopping her floor.

Occasionally, when she worked late, she would hear computers typing, printers printing, you know, the usual office hauntings. Creeped out, she decided to inform her manager about the haunting and guess what she said? “Oh, you mean they came in already?” Shocked, it was only then that she found out her manager could see ghosts and on the very day that they moved into the office, her manager could see some of them lingering around outside of their office.

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4 Responses to “Amcorp Mall’s Office Ghost Story”

  1. Merginrapper Says:

    oh jesus christ..i use 2 work at amcorp n i din noe al dis stuff hapen in da sme buildin..crap!

  2. sonija Says:

    i love amcorp mall but this is ….impossible.

  3. Rina Says:

    I love Amcorp Mall & i used to work in therel for almost 7 years. Seen them many times too. They never harm anybody.

  4. Mimi Says:

    Purchased the book today at Mid Valley. It’s good. contains the biacss e.g. action words’, food’, month’, transportation’, family’, emotions’ etc. I would have liked it to contain some sentence stuctures as well i.e. what is your name?’, where do you live?’ etc. Nevertheless, it is a good start in order to practice and prep for level 1 class. I look forward to the commencement of the class in Mar’12. Well done ! and all the best in the book sales ! *owh, and to those who visit the kiosk.. they are selling some merchandices there as well. i really like the t-shirts !

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