Another case of 3rd Eye

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Author’s Note : My colleague’s niece who just turned 12 yrs old this yr possessed the gift of the 3rd eye. Recently when my colleague’s grandmother passed away, guess who came back?

Our whole family knew that Xian was a special kid. She could see things that normal people couldn’t see and although it was something that she has gotten used to, she knew most of us could not accept the truth.

My grandmother passed away recently and after a month later, we would prepare some traditional rituals to welcome her back home. Nothing unusual happened and all was as planned. It was not until when we had to throw the “sing pui” that it did not succeed even after a few tries. In case if anyone of you do not know, “sing pui” is believed to be a tool used to communicate with the supernatural world. It is red and slightly rounded divided into halves. One side would be flat and the other side slightly rounded.

It was only after about 2 hours later that Xian admitted that she saw grandma eating “chung”. That was the reason why when we throw the “sing pui”, we could not get a “yes” reply to clean up.

On another incident, Xian’s mother told me that she saw her maternal grandmother outside at the Mercedes car that they owned during one of the funeral rituals as well. Xian mentioned that she could always see a kid standing outside the house while her maternal grandmother would walk in and out of the house. We believed the kid that Xian saw was her maternal grandmother’s daughter who passed away when she was just a child.

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