Short Langkawi Ghost story

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Author’s Note : My friend did once told me before his son is pretty sensitive towards ghosts. Each time he saw one, he would fall heavily sick. What he didn’t know was his daughter had the same fate as well. Here’s what he had to share

During my recent short trip to Langkawi, my daughter had fallen sick during the holidays. Perhaps she caught the flu bug but before her fever came something weird happened. It was in the broad daylight and we were passing by on the way back to the hotel. The only people there in the car were my daughter and my eldest son. If you’ve been to Langkawi, you would know how some of the areas there are pretty quiet.

We were cruising along this road passing by resorts, hotels and this one flat. Beside the flat was this huge rubbish dump area and suddenly my 3 year old daughter pointed out towards the rubbish dump saying, “Dad, look! Got ghost!” My initial reaction was, of course, to look at the direction that she was pointing at. When I could see nothing, I quickly asked her non to talk nonsense and stepped on the accelerator and speed away. I was pretty scared at that moment, if you asked me. Right after this incident, my daughter spend a few nights restless, unable to sleep and came down with a fever that would not go away although we spent money on visits to the doctors and medicines.

Perhaps some may accuse my daughter of lying, maybe she did and I wouldn’t know

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6 Responses to “Short Langkawi Ghost story”

  1. lame Says:

    this story is lame

  2. DaViDcHaN Says:

    Nice story… but next time, advise the girl/boy with ‘special’ sight, not to simply utter things like that. Ghosts are known to follow those who acknowledge their existence.

  3. NAvinesh Says:

    agreed lame*

  4. barreneye Says:

    i can’t say it’s lame .. it’s not story-telling competition or whatsoever,n far-far away from american idol..right? jz sharing stories.
    i had this one experience where all of the sudden my kid brother woke up from his sleep..pointing at the ceiling and screaming ‘snake!snake!’ gave me goosebump as i kudn’t see any snakes in the room.he stopped yelling n pointing at the air after i switched on the light.i cant imagine if he yelled ‘ghost!’ ..thnkgod he did not.

  5. avancc Says:

    I too have my own experience in Langkawi regarding encounters… twice… And the recent one was a bit spooky too. Nevertheless, we didn’t bother about it much till we returned to KL… That was when we start having goosebumps when we recalled the event.

  6. Rhinna Says:

    I too had experience smthg creepy in langkawi. Me & my BF made a suddenly trip to langkawi on Feb & we had no where to stay. So we booked a Motel room from the agents & it was the cheapest Motel room we could find located next to Underwater World Langkawi. Now you might notice there are 3 motels next to it but surprisingly the one we chose was about RM 80 & it was in budget for us for 3 days 2 night stay however, when we inquire the 2 motels next door there were about 150 or 120 each but with the same view & they were almost fully booked. But according to the agent this motel we chose was re – renovated recently & it should be clean, so we went for it. Upon arrival there were not many ppl staying there.

    Thou i saw a group of friends staying above us. Our room was at the ground floor & there were in total 3 flr’s. The room was kinda big, looked like a normal room with a cabinet & TV & the toilet basically sucked! There were no view behind accept a left off child’s toy & few garbage & longkang & yea another building. We were pretty tired that day, it was 10 PM & we slept off. At 12 AM i heard a girl screaming. I tot, might be the group of friends staying upstairs fooling around. Later then i had a weird dream of a Lady.. a Thai lady, the one wearing traditional Thai costume and had really bad shaped teeth they were kinda sharp. She had that creepy smile while staring at me showing all her teethes & they were kinda bloody.. and she had 2 fingers moving across her eyes… That woke me up at about 5 AM. I tried to sleep back… but i couldn’t. I stay awake the whole night till sunrise, i was so re-leaved 😀

    We had normal beach activity the 2nd day & we saw ppl leaving from vacation. It was a Sunday. We sat in a bar behind underwater world & was prety drunk when left the place at 3 AM in the morning. My BF was really drunk & so was i, but i kept my self alert & keep noticing stuff around me. As we walked back at 3 AM to our room, i tried to walk as fast as i can dragging my BF along. I keep sensing fear… i don’t know why maybe i was too drunk. The road towards the motel was really creepy… & i notice it was smoky but then later found the smoke was coming from a near restorant. They were roasting chicken (oh boy…. it smelled so good) I was so released when i was in the room & quickly had my & my BF feet washed so no bad wind follow us….
    While i was a sleep my BF called me with a different name. i tot he was mumbling alone, he quickly snapped out of it. He looked nervous & freaked out as though smthg bad happen. He walked up & down in the room & it made me more nervous. He went to the washroom & was in there for very long. Again the same freaky uneasy feeling i felt. Once he was out. He asked me not to worry & sleep back. But how could i… i was so freaked out!!… & again being a natural scary poo… i stayed wide.. awake with both eyes… it was 5 AM then. & again i was so happy to see the sun raise. We checked out at 10 AM & when i asked him what happen he said – later… When we were going out i notice we were the only ppl in the motel that night..

    So i waited. On our way back, he was telling me that he was unconscious for a while, but before that he notice i was too… & he had no idea who was the name he was calling me with & it seems i responded to him too…… I seriously nearly pissed in my pants!!

    I forgot what was the Motel’s name but it was pink … & it was in the middle of 2 other motels.

    P/S: am not a good writer but i hope any1 who reads this understands 🙂

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