Hungry Ghost, Angry Ghost

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Authors Note : Do you ever wonder why people usually burn offerings in front of their houses every year during the Hungry Ghost Festival? For further read, you can refer to one article I wrote before here. But did they tell you that once you start to burning offerings, that you should continue doing it every year and it has to be in a proper manner? Here’s a story about a lady who learnt it the hard way.

My friend just recently got married and moved into a new house together with her husband. This year, it was slightly different not only because it was a new environment, new family and new house to begin with. But it everything seemed new to her so it was no surprise when it came to Hungry Ghost Festival, that she had to learn to burn offerings in front of her house.

On that fateful day, she was rushing out for dinner and thought of following the yearly tradition that her mother had passed on to her and prepared the hell notes, candles and some sweets placed nicely in front of her house. After burning some hell notes, her husband rushed her to hurry up with the process for they have dinner that night and thinking that she is done, my friend left the pile of ashes.

After some months, her sister’s family decided to visit her and with the Play Station located upstairs, the kids would usually run up to be the first one to play the game. That day, her niece as usual quickly ran upstairs and after a second ran back down crying. Her niece claimed that she saw a scary man upstairs. Shocked, my friend decided to ask the temple for some advice.

According to the temple, the day she burnt some offerings, she did not do it properly. Although it might seem that the hell notes and food might have burnt completely into ashes on the surface, but if you use the stick and poke through the pile, you might find some not completely burnt. Apparently, this particular ghost had stayed in her house the whole time because he did not receive what he had wanted. He is harmless and was just waiting for the offering. After some chants and prayers, the ghost left as quietly as it came.

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7 Responses to “Hungry Ghost, Angry Ghost”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    Out of curiousity…why would this story always ended up seeking solutions from temple? And that the place of temple, or name is never mention?
    I really curious to know what temple that can offer this kind of help nowaday..

  2. _butt Says:

    I suppose any Chinese temples you’ve frequented will do?

  3. velenma Says:

    Actually, the offering was also incomplete bcoz other than “money”, the paper “Playstation” was not offered.

  4. _butt Says:

    might as well add in paper iPhone…

  5. pisang Says:

    i don’t think that…..
    these “brothers and “sisters” smell only smoke that’s comes out from
    paper and candle.

  6. ET Says:

    wah , this ghosts still good no come out to show u his face to scare u

  7. biokhind Says:

    I will pay extra caution when walking during hungry ghost. I don’t want to offend them

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