Chilling Encounter from the North of Malaysia

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This story is contributed by Pisang

This story was told by my brother’s friend to my brother. My brother then told me this story and here’s how it goes.

He works in East Coast at one of the companies in Kelantan but his home town is in Penang. His girlfriend on the other hand, lives in Kedah so he would travel back to his home town in Penang every week and on the way back, he would stay overnight at his girlfriend’s house.

Every week when he would head back home, he always and always would choose the East And West road. It’s not very long drive, only 2 hours away. When come Thursday, he would pack up his shirts and put them in his car so that after work he could start his journey back home. Note that in Kelantan, Friday’s a public holiday.

When he reached East And West road, the sun would have already been long gone to the west horizon. As he always took the same route back home, nothing had happened to him so far. He had always loved the journey back home at night with the cool and good atmosphere. Who needs an aircon in the car when its cool outside? The windows would always be winded down so he could enjoy both the cool air and beautiful scenery

One day while he was driving back to Penang (using the same road as usual like any normal day that he use it before anything happen), from a far he noticed someone waving at the road side with hazard lights blinking. When he stopped, he noticed the stranger’s car had broke down. That stranger told him that his car ran out of gas and that he needed a ride to the next petrol station as the previous station was too far away.

Thinking that stranger needed some help as he was in the middle of nowhere with darkness surrounding him, he decided to be a good samaritan and agreed to help out the stranger. As the stranger got in his car, he was puzzling to him that the stranger insisted that he wanted to seat at the backseat. In his car, both of them were chit chating like a normal person would like where his/her come from? Blah blah blah.

Suddenly that stranger asked to stop his car because he took a wrong turn. Before he could do anything, that stranger floated in the air………… yes floated in the air just like Nathan Peterelli in the famous HEROS series. And flew into jungle laughing scarily. He was stunned and kept driving and driving.

He kept thinking that he was so lucky, perhaps an angle is on his side? All his memories and that scary encounter gained back when he reached the nearest town in Kedah. From that day onwards, he sworn and told all his friends and families DO NOT USING THAT ROAD during night time.

Foot note: East And WEST road is located way up north near border of Thailand. If you travel during daylight you can see a very great scenery of flora and fauna. It also “keras” by local people and old folks. Word of advice, do not say anything when travelling on that road.

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3 Responses to “Chilling Encounter from the North of Malaysia”

  1. buttefly Says:

    That sounds pretty damn stupid.

  2. SpookyMulder Says:

    wow! this story gives me goosebumps!

  3. Soon Says:

    I travelled using that road to Pasir Putih from Penang when I was young…
    indeed the scenery was nice (day time..)

    scarry…that fellow still calm enough to drive to Kedah. better dun travel alone at nite lor. 🙂

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