Gua Musang’s Haunted Road

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Sarah and her family have a habit of going back hometown during late nights just because they simply preferred traveling in the night. Although most people advised against it but they didn’t care as traveling late night seemed like a more convenient way as their kids would be fast asleep in the car.

Because Sarah stays in Kelantan she has to pass by Gua Musang on her way back and from home. During the nights, she would experience fragrant smells in her car when they passed by the area. At times, it would be the smell of rotten stench that one could not have endured for more than 5 minutes. But most of the time, these smells would go as sudden as it came.

That night was the same as any night, Sarah once again had warned her husband not to drive too fast or try racing with other drivers on the road before the start of the journey. Of course, just as usual, her husband would not heed her advice. As soon as they reached the Gua Musang area, Sarah who was at that time fast asleep, woke up with a jolt with the feeling the car was going faster. It was then she noticed that her husband was “racing” with another car on the road. Sarah kept quiet as she knew her naggings would only turn deaf ear and look straight ahead the road. Both her husband and the other driver was driving head on head next to each other when she suddenly felt the car going slow. Surprised, Sarah asked her husband what was wrong but he did not reply. He was quiet the whole journey and Sarah decided not to press on that matter.

The very next day, Sarah’s husband admitted that he saw clearly a headless driver when their car were next to each other and thought it was better to “lose” the racing.

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12 Responses to “Gua Musang’s Haunted Road”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    typical man. trying to be macho. served him right.

  2. latesleeper Says:

    oh my god, so scary one~

  3. pisang Says:

    gua musang road is very “keras” road not the road
    and if you say the geograpic area of course is keras.
    that road is haunted……

    my aunt and her family died in accident in new year day

  4. icequeen Says:

    pisang, how do you see if thru the geographic area if it is keras or not?

  5. pisang Says:

    of course la the geograpihic area is “keras”
    my grandma live there and still alive.

    you know sometin….. before that tragic days some peoples see
    a ghostly figure that that place
    my aunt and uncle and her last daughter died at that place

  6. pisang Says:

    of course la the geograpihic area is “keras”
    we some time travel back to kelantan to visit my grandma at pasir mas
    and always take gua musang road
    my grandma live there and still alive.

    you know sometin….. before that tragic days some peoples see
    a ghostly figure that that place
    my aunt and uncle and her last daughter died at that place

    now my grandma live with my uncle near my home so no need travel back to there.

  7. CCK peeps Says:

    Ohh. That husband quite ” brave ” siahh. Can endure it. PRO! If it is me, i would have scream my head off & faster drive .

  8. Lynn Goh Says:

    Most probably pee on pants or fainted at the steering wheel.

  9. biokhind Says:

    This story reminds me of a road in sabah called “jalan Kimanis – keningau”. Many witnesses say that their car will “reverse itself” under unknown reasons. Scientific theory says that the area have a very strong magnetic field which able to pull a car uphill (yes uphill) when the car is put into free gear. Well maybe that will explain the reverse itself car but there are many sightings of white figure around the road, weird “stray dogs”, backseat passenger, or the “hand cover headlights” ghost. Many incidents happen there and some involve casualties. I personally never use the road but many people advised not to go pass the road alone and late at night. Some would refer this road (maybe they exaggerated) “jalan maut”.

  10. SpookyMulder Says:

    bro, lose the race then give excuse see headless driver? haha

  11. I Like Tities Says:

    Damn, Don’t forget Old Karak Old that road is fcking haunted too. Driverless Wolksagen…and much moar….old abandon wolrd war 2 japanese camp, many people died of accident there…..FU*ck!

  12. Aunty Says:

    Aiyoh what lah. In the past my friend used this road often when he had to go and see his clients and drive home sometimes drunk at 3am after drinking with them some more and yet nothing happened to him. But he’s a very good driver, and baptised Christian at birth and he told me his family bought him a St Christopher medal to keep in the car. Not sure what the medal is for but must have protected him all the time because he did “see things” while driving and not just on this road but on other trips elsewhere like Johor etc. He is now happily retired from those days. If we take extra care, have faith in Almighty God to protect us, none of these things can harm us and actually they would not even come near us in the first place if we pray all the time. Just a reminder that in case of emergency, call on the highest authorities in the spiritual realm like Jesus Christ (son of God) and the Virgin Mary. Any spirit you see or feel around you, if you command them to leave in Jesus’ name MUST do so because this is the law. No matter what religion you are or even if you are a free thinker you can do this. I learnt this from a friend when a psychic told me I had 5 spirits following me one time and a spate of bad luck and near-death occurrences and haunting at home.

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