Ayer Hitam Haunted Highway

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Author’s Note : This is another different story I heard from my friend about Yong Peng highway. Is it true that this particular highway is just too dangerous to drive at night?

My friend was driving alone at around 8pm heading towards KL on one lonely night after his work duties in Johor. It was just another exit at Ayer Hitam and he would be reaching the Yong Peng exit. Everything was as per normal as he drove through this highway a dozen times before as his work requires him to travel to Johor quite frequently. However, this time was slightly different as he needed to rush back home that same night.

As he was reaching that exit, one car honked at him. As the car was passing, he saw the driver pointing at him. Although he was puzzled, he did not stop and continued driving. Then another car honked at him. Again, the driver of that car pointed at him. However, this time was different, the driver was persistent and kept on giving him signal to stop. My friend immediately thought that he had a flat tyre and stopped at the emergency late to check out his car. At the same time, that driver that had asked him to stop also stopped beside him.

The driver immediately told his friend that he had been in danger if he would have continued to drive as the driver saw something hanging onto his car rooftop. The thing that he saw was a pale woman with long hair and bloody mouth.

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20 Responses to “Ayer Hitam Haunted Highway”

  1. pisang Says:

    no wonder that place called ayer hitam……

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    still don’t catch the last paragraph message..so, what if he continues driving? Since the other driver stops, winding down his window, doesn’t that getting him in danger too?

    abit puzzle here..d’nt fully catch the message..someone please enlighten me with some answers.

  3. vivianrainy Says:

    yea it wont be quite dangerous right if the thing suddenly attack him once he open his car door…it’s so scary …
    hey i wish 2 have some story from penang …izzit possible???

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Lynn, actually the person that told me this story also not too sure what would have happened to his friend if he continued driving but the friendly driver must have scared the woman away….

    vivian, I’ll try my best and ask from some Penangites 🙂

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    penangite here..but the stories that i have heard were mostly places like karak highway. this one happend to a bunch of penangites whom were travelling to Karak Highway. perhpas the originator(s) in that car could say their story out here.

    do’nt think alot of ppl know this site. why don’t do more promotion 😉
    get thet traffic in?

  6. imranS Says:

    wah….plae women with long black hair and bloody mouth? sounds like a pontianak to me

  7. raydenleo Says:

    Sounds a bit ridiculous to me…. had it be a pontianak on top of other people’s car, do one still warm them? what if the pontianak targeting them instead?

  8. Mohan Says:

    errr…kinda strange story thou , may be the pontianak wants tumpang ?

  9. ghostgirl Says:

    whoa. i guess its a pontianak.vampires.who needs a lift.

  10. Thomas Says:

    Actually, I have heard a similar version of this story, but the Highway mentioned in the story is the infamous Karak Highway. The version I heard might make more sense.

    This story is about an Ah Beng likes to modify his car and would not hesitate to race with other drivers. One night, he was driving along the Karak Highway with his girlfriend at an easy pace.

    Suddenly, he was overtaken by another car. Taking it as a challenge, he started to accelerate to catch up with the other car. But then, his girlfriend started to plead with him not to race with the other car. It was strange for him, because all this while, his girlfriend has never objected to him racing and speeding. He took a look at her and realised she was very serious and looked slightly pale and frightened.

    Concerned, and also because this was the first time she has ever asked him not to race, he slowed his car back to an easy pace. They continued on driving along the highway, when they saw the car that overtook them. It had met with a very bad accident and there were other people who had stopped to help.

    A sense of dread washed over him and he turned to ask his girlfriend, “B, why did you ask me not to race with this car just now? You looked very frightened.”

    She kept quiet for a while until they were a far distance from the accident site. Then she replied him, “when that car overtook you, I saw an old pakcik floating on top of the roof. As the car passed us, that thing turned and looked at me and smiled and waved to me…”

  11. Jason Says:

    weird but i kinda understand what the story teller wants to tell, it’s like bad luck following them and if they didn’t stop, they might get into some accident? let’s just take that “women” as a malaysia grim reaper..? make sense? XD

  12. JackD Says:

    huhuu..mama im scared.. i think that vampire cannot fly anyway.. that why laa she lift at roof.. =)
    Q: why ghost looked like wowan.. for reallife i think wowan is beautiful…but at other side they very ugly betty…

  13. JackD Says:

    Thomas: i think moral of ur story is…dun race at highway..becoz “pakcik” always waiting for ther racer..

  14. elf Says:

    I’ve heard another version years before the PLUS highway was constructed.

    Doubt that the highway would be very lonely at 8pm. It’s usually quite busy up till midnight.

  15. Rina Says:

    I also wonder since when ppl become so BRAVE to warn the driver there’s something on the roof. -_-”
    2 drivers warn him somemore! “pui fuk pui fuk”

  16. Pontianak Gua Musang Says:

    This story of the same version but little bit difference in relating the story has been retold in an interview in one of our famous radio station…..

  17. wolfrayet Says:

    had a similiar experience in johor.. around that area too… about 12years ago was riding back from johor to kl..when i feel like something behind me… i look a bit behind and saw a black face just behind me.. i was so scared that i start going faster on my bike without realising it… when going a 170km for a while my friend who was with me made me pull over and he knew something was wrong coz i was really pale…!
    after that just about 10km there was an car accident that i nearly hit head on but manage to avoid but my friend was not to lucky.. he was drag by the bike under the accident car and got stuck.. a lot of ppl there help to lif the car to pull him out… except for bleeding from the head and a deep cut on the leg.. he was not so bad.. later i was told that usually this sighting happen just before an accident happens…! but i have heard it happen to other ppl too…!

    but till today i get chills when i think about it…!

  18. barreneye Says:

    this creepy situation is indeed interesting ..Were the thing actually there as part of the nature?, or … somebody/someone actually responsible for it,for the sake of black magic fullfilment – blood and human sacrifice.

    my sarawakian friend told me how her aunty died in this one ghostly freak accident – She gave a lift to a female stranger,then in the middle of nowhere, just thick forest, not a single house, just hills and sharp hazardous cornering, she asked her to stop.before the passanger got out the car, she asked if she should pay any money for giving her a lift, her aunty refused any as she said it’s her pleasure to help. After she closed the door(rightside), the passanger walked near to the driver’s side, and again, the woman asked “sure ? i don’t have to pay any?”, but this time the woman sneaked her head just a few inches right in front of her face through the driver’s window, with nothing less of horrible,bloody grotesque looking face that my friend’s aunty was so shocked,she histerically floored-down the pedal, gone offroad, and flown downhill. The aunty didn’t survived, but her friend who’s sitting next to her made it to stay alive and tell the whole deadly creepy event to my friend.

  19. barreneye Says:

    this one is experienced by my own lil’brother. i do not remember the particular highway, but he was on his way back from melaka to terengganu, my parent’s house. he’d been using the highway for quite numerous of time, as he was working in melaka, and usually he’d be driving home along with few of his friends.But on that night, he was driving alone. earlier on the evening, a friend reminded him.. -becareful at this kilometer something-something at the highway, there’d been some creepy seeings as seen by some people and accident was not uncommon, especially when you are alone. my lil’brother was thinking,there should be at least other cars using the highway, so he could stick to a close distance that may hopefully reduce any possibility of any creep-outs. However, that night.. my lil’brother couldn’t believe the fact that, he was the only one existed all along the creepy parts of the highway. there was not a single car to stick close to, just once in a while, he saw headlights glimpsed from the opposite side of the highway.then, as he knew he’s approaching the infamous kilometer, he slowed down.

    The spot is actually an area with a sharp cornering, that if you went straight, you’d definitely crash to this one big tree, if not the hillside. So, as my lil’brother approaching the the corner at medium speed,and later headlights the tree .. suddenly an apparition of a human-shape figure,was there right beside the big tree. Yes, he was surprised but he did not lost his grip on the wheels, and he managed to drive as steady as he could all along the corner,and just later he gathered speed on a more secured open road.

    now, what if my lil’brother was shocked at the ultimate degree?another series of accident, i believe,most likely, will happen.. Why/what is it doing there? Part of the nature? or somebody or someone’s playing an ancient dirty demonic tricks?

  20. steven Says:

    this happens to me back 10 yrs ago which i don”t realised but was told back by my friends. i used to hang out late and always home at midnight 3am or 4am. well the time i m staying at work quarter. i only remember that night, i reach home at 3.30am. everything was usual until i start to lie down to sleep n my name was called out. first i ignore thought maybe tired. then another time this time very soft n sweet. i got up n look around n see who playing prank but everyone was sound asleep.so i lie down again. and the 3rd time it comes again more closer which i got up and answer . no reply so i ignored it. then things start to happen to me . i would lock myself up in the room n start mumbling . my eyes red, face pale white, lips blacken. even my friends wander what happen to me. all i reply sick. funny part is day time i am normal but night time another person. of course my friend start to realise and told my boss a Taiwanese. she went to the temple which she usually goes n bring back ammulet for me to wear n drink. only then i knew that i was process by a female ghost which i brought home that night. my lady boss told me that spirit had been following me for sometime. if i did not answer to her call i will not be process. also reminds me no more late night.

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