Hungry Ghost Festival Celebrates

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Dear Readers,

2009’s Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the 20th August, and as usual, will be taking a break from here as we celebrate one of the festivities in the world that commemorates the undead.

Thank you for support!

Until Then,

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4 Responses to “Hungry Ghost Festival Celebrates”

  1. pisang Says:

    celebrating “lap setokin separuh”

    XD lolz

  2. hairy bana Says:

    I want to send a ghost story too.. where do i need to send my story to?

  3. pisang Says:

    click at “ABOUT US” at top right….

    she cannot reply at you the whole 7th lunar month

  4. _waiting_ Says:

    ohh… 3 more days to go! been waiting for the last 27 days! hurry hurry…

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