Ghost Bus

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Author’s Note : This is the first scary story I’ve heard during the Hungry Ghost Festival 2009 so its going to be the first scary story I’m posting. Enjoy!

Brian loves to go out at night but during the 7th month of the lunar calender, he would automatically reach home before dark falls. That unfortunate night, he had to work late and co-incidentally it was the 14th of the month. It was the day that was believed to be the most darkest day of any of the days in the 7th month. Brian absorbed in his work, totally forgot about that day until about 10pm his colleague that was about to leave for home reminded him.

Nervously looking at his watch, Brian quickly finished up the remaining of his work and packed home. By the time Brian reached the bus stop, it was already 11pm. Brian kept on looking at his watch off and on as the clock ticked closer to 12 midnight. While wondering why it took so long for the bus to reach, he suddenly looked up and saw a bus approaching. Because he was so afraid of meeting up with ghost or spirits, he hopped on the bus without a second thought.

As he jumped onto the slowing approaching bus, he wondered why the bus was moving slowly. Never mind that, he was puzzled by the empty seats on the bus. Perhaps it was late, he thought but as that thought disappeared he felt eerily uncomfortable and decided to look for the bus driver instead. As he peered to the driver seat from behind, he was shocked that there was no driver at the driver’s seat! Fear took over him and immediately he hopped off the slowly moving bus. You see, at that time, the bus was moving up hill and Brian jumping off the bus, slipped and ended up rolling back hill.

To his surprise, he heard a voice, “Hey man! Are you playing games hopping on and off the bus? Come and help us push the bus!”. Its no wonder that the bus was moving slowly. Its because the passangers and bus driver was pushing the broke down bus from behind!

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8 Responses to “Ghost Bus”

  1. Mohan Says:

    lolx…damm i thought is gona be scary , at first the stroy was moving in to my spine when suddenly the climax he jumped out the buss and all was pushing …made me laugh out loud…but again it was a good wan lolx…

  2. pisang Says:

    that’s why my family do not encourage me too obsess in 7th lunar month .

    you will eat yourself, see in this case.

  3. raydenleo Says:

    I thought this website is suppose for the real deal…and yet, we’ve a funny story here…sigh..

  4. jimt Says:

    damn….almost got me as well….keep up the story

  5. icequeen Says:

    raydenleo, hahaha.. this story reminds us that sometimes we can scare ourselves for nothing as well!

  6. pisang Says:

    i read the story again and again.
    i wonder
    how they control the bus in straight line without the driver inside?

  7. icequeen Says:

    pisang, hahaha… i think its just a fairytale or sth ppl pass on to other cuz i don’t think there’s even a bus service at that sort of hr!

  8. Lidya Says:

    Very funny indeed!!

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