3am in the Morning

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Pssstttt… here…come closer… I want to share with you a secret. It’s already been quite sometime that a friend of mine shared with me a supernatural experience so when he told me what had happened a few wks ago, I immediately pulled my chair closer to listen. Why such a secret? Well, due to some circumstances, I promised him that I would reveal his secret here but with the condition that his name and location of where it happened would be kept closed lid. Ok, so pull a little closer now and let me tell you here’s what happened….

Fatty’s been working in this company for the past 6 months, you see. The thing was everyone in this small little company knew that there ghosts inhibited their office. Just some background info, Fatty was recently recruited to work for a close friend of his because he possessed some talents which his friend admired. Due to the attractive prospects, Fatty agreed. Fatty’s friend had warned him from the day Fatty started work not to work too late at night especially after 12am as it seemed the ghosts were pretty active during that hour. And because he knew that Fatty could sometimes see ghosts, he had pre-warned Fatty just in case anything bad happened were to happen.

Now, let me share a little bit of how Fatty’s friend knew about the uninvited customers. Before they had moved into this office lot, Fatty’s friend had invited a Feng Shui master to look around. The Feng Shui master had reported back about the unseen guests but it was too late then. Since renting this office lot, Fatty’s friend found that daylight wasn’t so bad after all. It was just as soon as it gets dark, things would go a little crazy. Although no one had reported having bad experiences, but some staff that do stay back slightly later reported feeling uncomfortable or felt someone staring at them while they were working.

So, back to Fatty. Fatty was a pretty stubborn guy so ignoring his friend’s advise, Fatty continued working late at night. The point came across him when the other night, he was working until 3am in the morning. Fatty was busy working on his latest project when he saw something on the CCTV. You see, the CCTV was unfortunately placed just right in behind of his computer monitor. The CCTV camera was placed strategically pointing towards the entrance of the office. In the CCTV, one would see the whole office reception including whomever that was standing at the company entrance door. Usually at 3am in the morning, Fatty would see just the images of an empty office reception and entrance but on that day, he was surprised to see 2 kids jumping around! Unfortunately for Fatty, he also realized that the kids were jumping at an abnormal height as well. Calm but shock, Fatty immediately decided to call it a night and proceed to switch off all the electricity power before heading to the parking lot to collect his car. Perhaps bad luck was on his side because when he tried starting his car, the car failed to start! So what does he do? This is the part where I immediately told him that he was my hero. Instead of calling a cab or opt walking back home (his house was approximately 10km away from his office), he decided to go back to the office and sleep there! Now what do you have to say about that!

Fatty had spent the whole night in the office couch located just at the office reception. Naturally, he told me he couldn’t really sleep the whole night as he was quite afraid (but I believe he’s not as scared as I would be!). The whole night he kept on hearing strange noises and in the wake of blur, he claimed he saw many shadows like as if a lot of people were in the office together with him. It was not until dawn that the strange noises and feeling that the whole place was crowded left him. I did not ask him what time was it when the feeling subsided but he was definitely one hell of a brave guy!

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4 Responses to “3am in the Morning”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Goodness! So brave. I really salute him. The way you describe his office sounded like mine coz mine has a black long couch next to the entrance. But we don’t work that late.

  2. leonkei Says:

    I think he make a wise choice by sleeping in office……

    imagine this, if that is yourself want to get home after this incident. Close main office door you walk along corridor with only you hear your own foot step.
    Then with no reason you hear a second foot step…. scary anot?

    As you enter a lift. that lift take down to your chosen floor, then the lift door open at each floor …… scary boh?

    Now you choose which one’s your choice…
    1. Wait another 4 hour till sun rise…
    2. go back home with “may be” this ecounter that you will face?

  3. addit Says:

    hoho……so brave siaa….salute hym uhh…

  4. Goodge Says:

    i think it would had of been safer sleeping in the car cause if u didnt know 2,3 am is the haunting hours cause the spirits died and did not die in peace and thats y they must had of been there or to warn u

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