Slightly Charred

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Author’s Note : This happened recently to my colleague’s relative who is currently still being admitted to the hospital. I don’t have an ending to this story though as my colleague is still trying to find out the rest of the story from her relative.

My SIL recently was in the midst of moving their house. From a condo to a double storey house should be something happy and to be celebrated about but an unfortunate incident which I myself could not even explained happened to her husband which caused her family trouble and pain.

That day, my SIL was supposed to move some of the remaining items from the old house to the new house. One of the items included the Tei Chi Kung and Kuan Yin. I’m not too sure what happened next but my SIL’s husband was carrying the Tei Chi Kung’s board in his arms and was walking out of the house when as soon as he stepped outside the house compound the Tei Chi Kung burst into flames. My SIL’s husband wasn’t badly burnt but he suffered burnt injuries on his left hand, left face and some of his hair was charred.

For those of you that do not know what is the Tei Chi Kung, if you have visited any Buddhist or Taoist families or even passed some of their houses along the way, you will find a make shift altar that is usually a red board situated on the floor. Some houses locate their Tei Chi Kung just below the altar but some may put the Tei Chi Kung just outside their house next to their house main entrance. I’m not too sure if I should be the right person or even explained it correctly but the Tei Chi Kung is the God that’s supposedly protecting your house. The Tei Chi Kung controls and maintains the chi inside your house and ensures that your house chi is balance. In fact, the Tei Chi Kung plays a very important role in protecting a house because without the Tei Chi Kung, uninvited “guests” will still be able to enter the house although there are other Gods there. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

Usually, before removing the Gods from the altar, one will need to perform simple tasks or ceremony to inform or invite the Gods away and invite them to the new location. I’m not too sure if my SIL did the right procedures or not but after the incident, she went to look for the temple people for advice. The temple people told her that there were only two possibilities that could have resulted to that incident. One was that she did not follow or forgot some of the procedures. Although she had insisted to me that she did follow the right way, she mentioned to me something had happened the night before. When I probed further, she refused to explain more as at that time it was at night.

The second possibility that could have caused the Tei Chi Kung to have burst into flames was someone’s version of a practical joke. You see, the whole reason why my SIL had the installed altar at her home was partially due to her son that had the 3rd eye ability. Ever since she found that he could see ghosts, her son was always afraid and did not want to be alone at home. After seeking advice from the temple, she found out that there were some ghosts that were living on the trees nearby their house. In fact, they would like to enter their house and this would have caused quite a fright to my nephew. The temple people told her that it could be because they saw that my SIL was in the process of removing the Tei Chi Kung from the altar and found the opportunity to enter the house and disturb them, thus, causing the Tei Chi Kung to burst into flames

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4 Responses to “Slightly Charred”

  1. Rina Says:

    From what i know, the Tei Chi Kung of each house is unique and if you move, there is no need to bring over the old altar. Normally, we would tell the Tei Chi Kung that we are moving house and the burn the altar in proper way or put the altar to flowing river. Then we would invite the Tei Chi Kung of the new house area to the new altar.

  2. siew Says:

    Dear author, i agree. Di Zhu Gong @ landlord god of the house should be transferred from one place to another. let say if you are moving into a new house, then you need to buy a new tablet and invite the god to sit in the new house.. according to a source from Hong kong, di Zhu Gong consist of 5 spirit-general from the five direction (North-south-east-West -Central) of a place. they have power, their ranking are slightly higher than the wandering spirits out there. giving them an altar actually giving recognition to them. so in exchange, they will protect the house hold from evil spirit, bestow wealth and good luck and health to the family.

  3. WinnieCac Says:

    Agreed to Rina and Siew, new house usually with new altar for the Di Zhu Gong. I am not an expert but I always see people doing it and so is my mom. The only things sometime may happen is like what some expert of this say is that sometime you may think that you invited DI Zhu Gong to sit in the altar but with wrong procedure you may invite the ‘unwanted’ to stay there. So when your colleague relative move that time the ‘unwanted’ may not be happy and incident like this may happen. With no expert advice here, I would advice you to look for another expert advice that maybe can help to the solutions. May your colleague relative get well soon.

  4. Shan Mindfreak Says:

    Hello guys ! I really need help ! I think my house is haunted ! As I’m writing to you i felt a presence behind me ! When i turned around, I saw a shadow move past me ! I was quite bulky so it couldn’t have been my shadow ! Anyways i am staying alone in the house ! FYI I’m 16 years old this feelings of fear has been controlling my life since i moved to the “house” back in 2003 ! There is a particular room and washroom which makes my senses go of the chart ! The washroom is kinda weird because when you open the light, the light doesn’t seem to show up until I leave the washroom but when my parents are at home it works perfectly fine ! While the “room” (my room of course ) seems to make weird sounds at 12 o’clock and 3 :30 in the morning ! We did bring a bomoh from Thailand and he said the spirit was sent away ! However, I still don’t feel right and my problems still haven’t come to an end ! Does anyone have any suggestion on what’s really going on ! Urgent !

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