House of Horror at Seksyen 2 Shah Alam – Part 1

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Author’s Note : I found this story through a forwarded mail which was originally written in Bahasa Malaysia so I guess when you are reading this its sort of bumpy. Personally, I find it a little unbelievable if not funny so I thought of translating it and sharing with you as well

9 years ago, I was given the chance to continue my studies in UITM, Shah Alam. The first thing that I need to consider was of course a place to stay. After searching numerous houses and location, me and my friends decided to rent a house nearby the UITM at an area in Shah Alam called Seksyen 2. If you are familiar with this place, you will know that it is nearby the wet world.
The house that we rented was a bungalow with 2 floors. With a total of 4 rooms, 3 rooms were located on the first floor while one more was located at the ground floor. There were 8 of us renting the house so 2 people would occupy a room.

We should have known something was wrong with the house because there were numerous hints that left us all feeling that something was amiss with that house. The first hint that caught our surprise was the owner of the house only wanted to take RM50 as a deposit. He even told us that the rent was only to be paid when we have moved in 1 month later which meant that we could stay there for the first month free of charge and start paying the 2nd month’s rent. The second incident was his request for us not to move in too many things as it would be a chore if we were to move out in future. The third that should have rang our alarms was a huge tree just beside the house. This tree was so big that its branches could reach the window of one of the bedroom on the first floor.

On the first night, we didn’t have much sleep because we were too busy moving and cleaning the boxes. However, the second night was not so lucky. The day had not even turned dark when the horror started. Unfortunately for Azmi, he was the first to experience the house’s wrath.

It was just 10.30 in the morning when Azmi woke up with a stomach pain. He decided to use the bathroom downstairs since the bathroom located upstairs was not yet fixed by the owner. Upon reaching the downstairs bathroom, he found the bathroom door locked. Thinking that there was someone inside using the bathroom, he stood outside waiting. After sometime, his patience ran out and started screaming to the person inside the bathroom to hurry up as he could not stand it any longer. His screams actually woke the whole house up and all of us rushed down to see what the commotion was about. We gathered outside the bathroom door and suddenly realized that something was amiss. All 8 of us were there so who was it that was in the bathroom? The door was locked from inside and there were obvious sounds of flushing. We were all scared but Lan was the only one that was brave enough to kick the door open. As the door swung open, we couldn’t see anyone inside the bathroom. We investigated the door locks and found that the door was locked indeed locked from inside. In the end, Azmi did not visit the toilet. Perhaps he was too afraid.

That night, we were in for more trouble.

I was sleeping soundly when I felt someone pulled both feet. I woke up startled and unable to react and fell down the floor hitting my head first. My head hurt I was fuming with anger because whoever that played that prank had gone too far. My first reacting was to blame Lan and as I turned towards the direction of his bed, I saw Lan fast asleep. I decided to walk out of my room to give others a piece of my mind when I heard the rest were all laughing and chilling out at the living room watching dvd. Still blur from my head trauma, I decided to walk back to my room instead when I suddenly realized that I thought I caught a glimpse of Lan downstairs. The more I thought about it the more I felt something was wrong. As I reached my bedroom, I could see that there was a bulge on Lan’s bed just beneath his blanket. I gathered all my bravery and pulled back the blanket. To my horror, I saw a tombstone that had cracks. At that same moment, my room was suddenly filled with a strong smell that I could not describe.

I quickly ran as fast as my legs could carry and rushed down to the living room to inform the rest but to my surprise, there was not a soul in the room. It was not until a few seconds that I registered everyone had gathered outside the house. I soon found out that they all too experience something scary one way or another but no one had bothered to inform me at all!

After I have calmed down, we started thinking of what to do next as it was already 3am. We started weighing on the different options, the first was to contact a holy/religious man that could help us but we knew of none. We thought of requesting help from our neighbors, but to our left and right were both Chinese. Finally, Salleh suggested that we all hangout at a restaurant nearby called Restoran Hakim and seek refuge there until the next morning. It sounded like a safe and easy plan. The only problem was all of us were just wearing only boxers. We were all in a dilemma to reenter the house because it was not only to grab our pants but also our wallets and keys to our motorcycle were left there due to the rush.

Because Bob and Naim’s room were just downstairs, we all decided to borrow their clothes and pants instead as we were all too afraid to go upstairs. Luckily enough, all our keys were located at one place and so we grabbed them and left. As we were leaving the house, Wak noticed a little girl at the kitchen door smiling and waving goodbye to him. I too saw the girl but immediately noticed her abnormally pale face. When I saw her smiling at me, I nearly peed in my pants. My knees were weak from the shock and I could still feel them shaking when we reached Restoran Hakim.

to be continue….

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18 Responses to “House of Horror at Seksyen 2 Shah Alam – Part 1”

  1. Jason Says:

    Very interesting and scary story, thanks for the sharing!

  2. Jun Says:


    I am looking forward to the part 2 of this story.

    Please do update asap.


  3. Navinesh Says:

    gotta make a movie frm this story.. 😀

  4. carole Says:


    part 2 please…asap

  5. Dog Sense Says:

    Get Seekers to venture in to investigate, then we will see the real thing.

  6. Navinesh Says:

    tombstone with cracks? looks like a made up story. im juz sayin.. who knows..

  7. pisang Says:

    feel like movie lor…….
    in middle of excited …
    and you he didn’t naked himself and walking in to that house….
    I heard about this myth if you totally naked that”thing” get scared away…….
    p.s. Don’t ask this to mythbuster.

  8. Nina Says:

    Sounds fake.

    I wouldn’t expect any truth coming from UiTM students, racist bunch.

  9. Din Says:

    I’ve been staying in Shah Alam since my Secondary School Days.

    Infact my Secondary School is in Section 2 Shah Alam.

    Yes, there are quite a few of this Bungalows around Section 2.

    To the author, appreciate if you could share the Location of the Bungalow.

    Interested to know. TQ.

  10. Navinesh Says:


  11. Syed Says:

    So.. you didn’t request help from your neighbours, just because they’re chinese?
    Just… amazed at your stupidity…

  12. DaViDcHaN Says:

    True or fake, good story regardless. Keep it up! Waiting for Part 2.

  13. Navinesh Says:

    lol. syed.. ur right.

  14. emailme Says:

    i wanna buy this house!

  15. Halim Ishak Says:

    Haha, you wanna know something,
    i live in section 9 Shah Alam and yes, its true…

    We’ve been hearing that there was a cheap accomodation at sec 2 for rm50 but the odd thing was
    no one seems to be going there… and then i asked the local and they said:”nak tawu try dudok situ.
    Balik mlm nnt jangan cari aku sudah”

  16. Alsaeris Says:

    The second part….is it here already?
    If not, I will tell you the second part because it it the answer for all.

    And yeah, some people mistook the house.
    It’s a bungalow that located infront of Wet World. Really damn near!

    My juniors have been there before and consequence from that, he possesed the ability to see them and how he regret of it.

  17. abigial Says:

    is this a true story?

  18. Kevin Says:

    May I know what the road name is? I know the house is at Seksyen 2 Shah Alam but what the name of the road?

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