My Childhood Story about Gombak

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This story is contributed by an Anonymous reader

I used to live in Gombak back about 20 years ago when Gombak was under developed and was still the backwaters of Kuala Lumpur. The houses in this particular area were all bungalows. Well, the land was so cheap that you could get a huge piece of land plus a house for only just RM180,000. It was so cheap that my father owned 2 pieces of land then. One for the family home and another for our chicken, goat and vegetable farm. He could have bought a third one, which was situated right in the middle of the 2 pieces of land that he owned, but he was too late and some one else had bought it. Now, this is a story of that middle piece of land.

I don’t know whether they were rumors or not as I was too young to remember but there were numerous stories about this piece of land that the villagers often spoke of. The scariest one was about when the owner who bought the land wanted to build his home on it.

He had just came back from an European country and was fascinated with the fact that European homes had basement so he had thought of building one for his home and requested for the contractors to start digging. By the 3rd or 4th day into digging, the contractors suddenly shouted and there was quite a commotion.

Apparently, they hit something like a trap door. None dared to open it and told the owner about what they had found. The owner was not really bothered and asked the contractors to continue. The contractors didn’t want to and instead got some religious master to help them with opening the of the trap door. The master performed some ceremony and opened the trap door. When they opened it, they found a staircase that led to an underground chamber.

Within this chamber, they found hundreds of human skulls and bones. The master immediately advised the owner that he should at least perform some ceremony and re-bury these skulls and bones otherwise they would bother him. Instead of listening to the master’s advise, the owner told the master to close back the trap door and informed the contractors to continue on with the work. There were no more basement this time around but continue on with the plans for a double-story bungalow.

When the villagers there heard of this, some went to advise the owner otherwise and told him to do what was necessary or his house would not be a pleasant place to live in. The owner shrugged it off and told people that he was not at least disturbed by these sort of things.

It took the contractors about 6 months to complete the bungalow. At that time, it was considered the most majestic house in that village area. Alas, no beauty of the house could cover the darkness that lies underneath the ground. The owner should have listened to advises that were given to me. From the very first day heĀ  and his family all moved in, they were all disturbed by unseen beings. There were numerous poltergeist activities going around. Things were getting thrown about, people were moved around from one room to another in the sleep and the gardener suffered the worst attacks. Numerous time he was moved from his room right out to the front lawn. He had scratches and heard screaming almost every night.

The owner and his family moved out after just staying there for just 3 months. The gardener stayed on to take care of the house as the owner knew that he will never be able to rent or sell the place. One morning, my father went over to pass some fruits to the gardener when to his shock, the gardener was as stiff as a statue having passed on the night before. His whole body was covered in scratches and bruises. The cause of death was heart attack. Probably from the shock.

In fact, another reason why my father decided not to pursue the land was because we were advised by a relative who is an “expert” in supernatural matters that the land is “keras” and the evil vibes that you get from it is too much.

I for one, could feel that there is some thing always looking in from that side. That thing apparently wants to get in but since our home has a fence, it is angry and is always lurking around the border waiting for a chance.

I have not gone back to my old home for the longest time since we’ve moved and I’m not too sure if anyone brave enough has bought over the house and land or not.

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14 Responses to “My Childhood Story about Gombak”

  1. Navinesh Says:

    O.O.. gombak? where?

  2. pisang Says:

    i think this house appeared in local paranormal show
    called “seekers…

  3. Navinesh Says:

    oh..which episode?

  4. pisang Says:

    derno lor…..
    long time ledi

  5. NAvinesh Says:

    haha.. i live in gombak lor..

  6. pomen_gtr Says:

    exact location pls….reply here for that…..

    going to look around….

  7. DaViDcHaN Says:

    Interesting story. The authorities should excavate this site to research on the true story behind the chamber.

  8. Navinesh Says:

    pomen we’ll go dig through the chamber k? haha..

  9. Nina Says:

    Really scary…

  10. Alwynia Says:

    Gombak is my “kampung”. (Grandparents)
    Can i have the exact location or surrounding landmark?

  11. Sherr Says:

    I find most of the stories here fictitious…I can’t take them seriously but I surely enjoy reading them.

  12. raydenleo Says:

    If there’s some sort of human skeleton, why didnt the contractor report to the authority in the first place?
    And the owner, how could he continue on with construction when he knew there’s human skeleton beneath his new house?

    I found this story very fake.

  13. maryapps Says:

    well…the author did mention that all he/she heard were stories told by other villagers. so, you know how they say about stories that get passed down from one person to another. but interesting concept nonetheless, perhaps influenced by movies and muddled it with realism.

  14. unsightly Says:

    Give the story teller a break, he or she is just giving you an entertaining story to read. Even if you wanted to check, its like 20 years ago. The owner should have used the chamber as his basement thought. Would have saved him a lot of money in the process. Plus he could also have used the bones as his furnitures. Lagi save money.

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