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Beyond the Cursed Curtains

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

What was supposed to be a very happy holiday became a nightmare for a group of friends. June was what some people described as a special girl. Some may say she’s lucky and some may not but its just a matter of perspective. She has a special gift of the 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is a gift or rather a curse that the particular person is able to see things and people of the underworld.

It all started when June and her friends decided to go spend their holidays at Genting Highlands, Malaysia. At which particular hotel did they stay in, I shall not mention but what are the rates that a bunch of high school students could afford?

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Pangkor Island Ghosts Experience

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Author’s note : Have you ever heard of ghost stories told by someone who happened to someone they know of? Its funny to think that most tourists spots or attractions have their share of rumoured hauntings? Like Port Dickson, Malacca, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and even Penang especiall Penang Bridge? Perhaps the more the merrier? Wait until you read about my friend’s experience at Pangkor Island!

Pangkor Island Malaysia, Pangkor Island, pangkor, island malaysiaSunny Boy and a group of his friends of about 12 people went to Pangkor Island for their holiday destination. Exactly when this happened, I do not know. What I remembered was Sunny Boy’s look and trembling voice when he related this incident to me.

It was late at night, approximately about 10 p.m plus, when he and his group of friends decided to take their rented motorbike up to the hills. It was said that up above this hill, there was a lighthouse. This lighthouse could oversee the scenery of the whole Pangkor Island and its nearby Lumut town. How beautiful the scenery was, Sunny Boy never came to see. Why? Because along the hilly road, they met an accident.

It started out that one of his friend’s motorbike crashed into the road divider. Thinking that perhaps his friend was pulling pranks, the group continued on the journey. Afterall, it was a minor collision. Then as sudden as it started, another two of the motorbikes that 4 of his friends were riding on collided with each other. Once again, everyone thought that it was malfunction in the motorbikes. They even inspected the bikes on the dark road with only the streets light but could not find any clues why the motorbikes lost control. Perhaps it was something more serious. They continued their journey up.

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