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Scary Experience in Ipoh

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Story submitted by Anonymous Reader

A couple of years back me and 2 of my friends had to drive up to Ipoh on a Saturday night to deliver an urgent item for a Minister’s meeting. By the time we received the item from the supplier, it was already 9.30pm and by the time we made it to Ipoh it was already 12am. Thinking that its best we stayed overnight, my friend proceeded to book a room in Heritage Hotel.

The hotel was pretty fully booked that day as the Minister’s entourage also stayed at the same hotel. We were given an end room that was located at the end of a quiet corridor. We didn’t think much of it as by then all 3 of us were tired. Once we entered the room, I felt an uncomfortable feeling overcoming me. The room felt hot and stuffy but I didn’t mention any of this to my friends.

We went out for supper and then got back to the hotel to rest for the night. As there were 2 single beds, we joined both beds to make it a queen size bed. Me, being the hero, even though they say never sleep in the middle, chose to sleep in the middle. It was around 3-3.30am that I first heard strange noises. The first sound was of our cupboard doors sliding (they had sliding ones) and the second was of glasses being moved around and thirdly the tap being turned on.

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Standard & Chartered Malaysia Building haunted?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Author’s Note : This story is told by my friend who happens to be working in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building. Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building happens to be located in the city center.

My friend works in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building for quite some time already. Every day, he would have to stay back to finish his long pending work. All these times, nothing happened. Unfortunately, nothing happening last time does not mean that it would not happen in future. Afterall, nothing is impossible, right?

That very unfortunate night, he was working together with his colleague at around 8pm. The whole floor was just the both of them and each were busy typing away their reports that needed to be submitted first thing in the morning. The night was clear and there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The only noises heard at that moment were the sounds of keyboard’s buttons. That was when it happened. My friend  suddenly heard a very loud knock coming from the window across his work station. His reflexes immediately caused him to turn towards the direction of the sound. When his eyes registered that there was no one there, he immediately turned to look at his colleague sitting next to him who was also at the very same moment looking right back at him. His colleague shrugged his shoulders and then that instant, both continued their work. Perhaps it was just the bird or something?

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Spooky Experience in Genting Highland’s Hotel

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Autho’rs Note : This is one spooky experience that one would definately not want to have in one of Genting Highland’s Hotel.

A group of girlfriends were thinking of going for a fun vacation and chose Genting Highland as their destination. What they couldn’t expect was to experience something that they would never forget, at least, for sometime near future. Upon arriving at Genting Highland, they checked into the hotel and were given 2 connecting rooms. They had lots of fun riding on the outdoor and indoor theme park and as the day turned into night, most of them were already feeling washed out.

However, most of them wanted to try their luck at the roulette table and headed off to the casino nearby. Both Scarlet & Piglet were the only 2 girls left of the group that decided they needed the rest. So Scarlet & Piglet headed off to their room. After cleaning up themselves, Scarlet & Piglet both slept in separate rooms. The door that stands in between the room was opened wide so that each of them could hear the other party if something were to go wrong. Yeah right that was. Not even 5 minutes later, Piglet was already in a very deep sleep leaving poor Scarlet still wide awake.

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