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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Author’s Note : A friend of mine told me an experience she had with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. What it was, you may ask. Well, it’s better for me to relate this story back to you rather than explain.

Back in the late1990’s when I just entered UITM, I had a life changing experience with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It was when it happened that I finally knew perhaps Darwin’s theory was right after all. You see, it was just one evening when me and my roommates were back from the usual evening class. Everyone including myself was in a happy mood because the classes were finally over for the day and it was a time for relaxation. Of course, we chatted our way back and right into the dormitory. I plopped onto my bed as usual and we were all sitting at our own beds listening to one of my roommate telling story. I forgot what it was about as I tried to my best to erase the memories of that day along with the other details.

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A passerby in Puchong’s house

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Author’s Note : My friend who is currently staying in Puchong swears that there is no such extra forces or supernatural powers at her house although while she was telling me this story she was pretty sure that she saw something unnatural at that time.

You know how it is that sometimes your eyes can play tricks on you? Well, perhaps it did on that day but I was sure that I saw something. You see, my sister and I lived together in a rented house, a double storey one. Usually, we would talk to each other sometimes she would be in her room and I would be in mine as our bedroom doors are just opposite of each other. It was pretty convenient although I’m sure there are times when the conversation needed a bit of shouting here and there to get some message across.

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Unexplainable Experience at Taman Negara

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Author’s Note : This happened to one of my relatives who visited Taman Negara back when he was still young. We were speaking about some strange things that can happen at forests when he mentioned about his experience in Malaysia’s forest reserve, Taman Negara.

Taman Negara was one of my travel destinations when I first graduated from high school. My friends and I were pretty excited about visiting this forest reserve because we’ve heard so much about the beauty this forest reserve has to offer. So naturally, Taman Negara was our first destination. As it was a budgeted holiday, we only manage to stay one night at Taman Negara hiking the whole day to reach one of the hill’s peaks to see the sunrise.
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