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Gifted Eyes – 3rd Eye

Friday, September 25th, 2009

This story is contributed by From a Penangnite

One of my current colleagues, Adeline had a kid who has special gift, Charles, who could see ghosts. We, Chinese, believe in ghosts, reincarnation and many more.  Both of them speak mandarin language at home. Adeline told me that when Charles was about 2-3 years old, she would put Charles at the living room to play on his own while she was at the kitchen cooking. Suddenly, she heard him crying and screaming. At that time, her son was too small to complete a full sentence. Concerned, Adeline kept on asking his son why did he cry and she had to even to repeat the question a few times. She could see that Charles was terribly frightened and he kept pointing towards the balcony. Although she tried her best to soothe him but Charles kept pointing and crying out loud.

Then she realized something was out there. Adeline scolded that thing loudly and even walked to the balcony, stood there with her hand flying and kept on scolding non stop. Her son then stopped crying after that. You might think that Adeline is not afraid of ghosts but she’s just as frightened of them as most of us are. However, she would do anything to keep her son safe. She told me that at that moment, she felt crazy and angry. People said that when a kid is small (usually before the age 5), they could see ghosts and even play with them. It’s a natural thing that could happen to any kid. So, my colleague thought that this is was just a passing phase. So, one and off, she would tell us what her son saw (that was before the age of 5).

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Gua Musang’s Haunted Road

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Sarah and her family have a habit of going back hometown during late nights just because they simply preferred traveling in the night. Although most people advised against it but they didn’t care as traveling late night seemed like a more convenient way as their kids would be fast asleep in the car.

Because Sarah stays in Kelantan she has to pass by Gua Musang on her way back and from home. During the nights, she would experience fragrant smells in her car when they passed by the area. At times, it would be the smell of rotten stench that one could not have endured for more than 5 minutes. But most of the time, these smells would go as sudden as it came.

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Chilling Encounter from the North of Malaysia

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

This story is contributed by Pisang

This story was told by my brother’s friend to my brother. My brother then told me this story and here’s how it goes.

He works in East Coast at one of the companies in Kelantan but his home town is in Penang. His girlfriend on the other hand, lives in Kedah so he would travel back to his home town in Penang every week and on the way back, he would stay overnight at his girlfriend’s house.

Every week when he would head back home, he always and always would choose the East And West road. It’s not very long drive, only 2 hours away. When come Thursday, he would pack up his shirts and put them in his car so that after work he could start his journey back home. Note that in Kelantan, Friday’s a public holiday.

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