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Scary Experience in Ipoh

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Story submitted by Anonymous Reader

A couple of years back me and 2 of my friends had to drive up to Ipoh on a Saturday night to deliver an urgent item for a Minister’s meeting. By the time we received the item from the supplier, it was already 9.30pm and by the time we made it to Ipoh it was already 12am. Thinking that its best we stayed overnight, my friend proceeded to book a room in Heritage Hotel.

The hotel was pretty fully booked that day as the Minister’s entourage also stayed at the same hotel. We were given an end room that was located at the end of a quiet corridor. We didn’t think much of it as by then all 3 of us were tired. Once we entered the room, I felt an uncomfortable feeling overcoming me. The room felt hot and stuffy but I didn’t mention any of this to my friends.

We went out for supper and then got back to the hotel to rest for the night. As there were 2 single beds, we joined both beds to make it a queen size bed. Me, being the hero, even though they say never sleep in the middle, chose to sleep in the middle. It was around 3-3.30am that I first heard strange noises. The first sound was of our cupboard doors sliding (they had sliding ones) and the second was of glasses being moved around and thirdly the tap being turned on.

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Toyol in Batu Pahat, Johor

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

This story is a courtesy from Siti

This happened a few years back. It happened in my hometown at Batu Pahat, Johor. I was actually taking a break after graduation and staying at home seemed like the perfect choice as I was always away staying at the hostel studying. During that time my grandmother’s sister’s daughter had just married a man from Kedah. They then built a simple house next to their mother’s house which is situated just opposite of my parents house. The house is such a way build that the back of my house is facing the front porch of their house.

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One evening around 6.45pm as the surrounding was getting quite darker, I went to the back of the house to gather the clothes where my mother would put up the washed clothes to to be dried.There was still light and I could swear that my eyes were not playing tricks on me. I was standing at the placed marked “x” when at first I notice a small naked boy running back and forth their porch. The little boy was bald and had no clothes on, naked it seems. As I was busy picking the dried clothes, I wonder to myself if it was their son. But then they’ve just gotten married and I thought I remembered my mother telling me that the man was a bachelor.

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Grandma’s Ghost Vision

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Author’s Note :  We were out having some drinks at a local mamak store. It was a hot and humid night to start off with and after a few gulps of drinks, we were all talking all sorts of topics that you can imagine. One one topic in particular, had me feeling cold all over despite the humid weather. One of my friend, June was talking about her family, one in particular, her grandmother in law also known as her husband’s father’s mother. She, at that point of time was almost close to 100 years old.

You know, my GIL (Grandmother In Law) sometimes scares me. Sometimes, I really pity my MIL because she would always get scolded by GIL who happens to be her daughter in law. There would be times when we were all at the living room when she suddenly would scold my MIL and tell her off for being rude for not inviting people into their home. We would all stare out into the car porch to see who was coming to visit but to our eyes, we could see no one. My GIL would go on and on about letting people standing outside our house calling my MIL a rude woman. That was just one of those moments.

On another occasion, my GIL would suddenly scold my MIL for not serving tea to our guest sitting in our living room. My MIL stared at the empty sofa and could see no one although my GIL would keep on telling her off about her manners and how she treats our guests. That was already enough for me to feel chilly all over.

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